Policy Statements are created for the purpose of institutional governance by way of establishing standard procedures for the operation of the university. Policy Statements, which apply to LSU’s Flagship institution based in Baton Rouge, serve to implement or interpret various laws, rules, regulations, policies, and/or to reflect the university’s chosen method of managing its affairs. 

These policy statements (PS 36T and PS 36NT) seek to articulate the context within which faculty members are evaluated and advance across an academic career at LSU. 

As noted from PS 36, the university seeks to employ and maintain faculty with superior qualifications to advance its mission and to nurture and support the work of those faculty members. See promotion and tenure, stopping the tenure clock and sabbatical processes.

Grading policies, as aspects of the total educational policy of the university, are determined by the faculty subject to the authority of the Board of Supervisors. 

While students are expected to attend all classes and complete all exercises and assignments, including those that may take place in class, PS22 establishes valid reasons for absences; provides for instructors to work with students to make-up missed work in certain circumstances; and outlines procedures for the granting of excused absences and requesting travel insurance for student trips. 

To inform all concerned of the rights and prerogatives of students under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA) and to outline procedures for those students who wish to inspect, review, amend, or challenge disclosure of their education records.

All research conducted at Louisiana State University has the potential for generating, in addition to scholarship, potentially valuable intellectual property including but not limited to patentable technology, copyrightable materials (e.g., software), specialized knowhow, or research products of a unique or proprietary nature (microbial cultures, monoclonal antibodies, etc.). 

Louisiana State University recognizes that certain outside employment activities are of benefit to the University, to the State of Louisiana and to the private sector as well as to individual employees. Although the University recognizes a right of employees to engage in outside employment. 

To state the policy of Louisiana State University to provide equal treatment and opportunity to all persons, without regard to disability, in the recruitment of, admission to, participation in, or employment in, the programs, activities, and events operated and sponsored by the university pursuant to the Rehabilitation Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA), as amended and other related federal and state laws. 

To establish policy governing the collection, maintenance, use and disclosure of Social Security Numbers (SSN) and to comply with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act [FERPA] and the Privacy Act of 1974.

The use of tobacco products is harmful to health and imposes costs on LSU and all members of the LSU community. 


The Tiger Card is your official LSU ID card that will help you gain access to everything you need on campus. 

Student Support

We are committed to providing high-quality programs, services, events, and experiences. And we want to be sure they're even better next year.

High standards of academic integrity are crucial for the University to fulfill its educational mission. To uphold these standards, procedures have been established to address Academic Misconduct. 

Students may appeal to the Office of Academic Affairs when their appeal either pertains to a semester over one year ago or when their appeal has already been denied by their college/school or appropriate unit.

The academic catalog provides current academic policies, procedures, recommended paths, course descriptions, and more information that is valuable to students

Final exam schedules for each semester or term can be found on the Schedule Booklet. 

Faculty Resources

The Office of Research & Economic Development (ORED) is responsible for supporting and promoting the research enterprise at LSU. 

The Faculty Technology Center (FTC) provides IT support, consultations, and innovative solutions to faculty and graduate teaching assistants tailored to their individual teaching, research, and operational needs. 

Provides documentation on software & technology offered by LSU IT Services, along with many articles on other aspects of LSU.

Software downloads for your computer. 

Safety Guidelines

The LSU Shield mobile app is a free tool designed to improve the safety and security of the LSU Community and is available to everyone—students, faculty, staff and visitors.

Culture & Community

The Baton Rouge Symphony is the oldest performing arts institution in the region and the oldest professional orchestra in the state.

The LSU College of Music & Dramatic Arts is your premier source for performing arts on the LSU campus. We host over 300 events each year, many of which are free for students and the public to attend. 

LSU sports including football, basketball, volleyball, gymnastics, baseball, soccer, and more!

Visit Baton Rouge’s only dedicated art museum today featuring local, regional, and international exhibitions alongside our permanent collection.

The mission of the LSU Rural Life Museum is to provide and sustain a publicly accessible center for the collection, preservation and interpretation of the material culture, cultural landscapes, and the vernacular architecture of the Louisiana and Lower Mississippi River Valley.  

University Recreation Center offers a variety of facilities, classes, programs and fitness memberships.