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This division processes all disbursement requests other than payroll, is responsible for paying invoices for goods and services furnished by the University by companies and organizations. Accounts Payable (AP) & Travel issues travel ad­vances, reimburses authorized travel expenses, issues checks for credit balances on student accounts, sales taxes, consultant fees, registration fees, plant fund payments for construction and renovation, nonemployee nonresident alien payments, and all other University disbursement obligations, with the exception of payroll.

AP administers the LaCarte Procurement Card program and audits all purchases for compliance with University and State procurement regulations. AP provides training and support for Christopherson Business Travel (CBT) Concur Online Booking System.

AP ensures compli­ance with Federal regulations regarding payments made to or fee exemptions processed on behalf of international nonresident alien students and payments made to visiting non­employee nonresident alien scholars. AP administers tax withholding on payments and establishes student Accounts Receivable as required by Federal law. AP monitors and ensures compliance with income tax treaty benefits claimed by international students and visitors.

AP manages the control and clearance of prior year purchase orders, maintains the retainage account for construction projects, processes journal vouchers for correction of unrestricted and auxiliary ledgers, prepares 1099 and 1042 income forms for payments to non-employees and nonresident aliens, and prepares various reports as required by the University and the State.


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