LSU offers a number of opportunities for students to transfer into the university once they have earned 30 transferrable hours from a regionally-accredited institution. These students must earn a minimum 2.5 GPA on all transferrable coursework and have credits earned in both college-level math and college-level English, above the remedial level.

Articulation Agreements

Prospective LSU students may benefit from the partnerships that exist between LSU and various two-year institutions in the state. These partnerships result in articulation agreements that provide a seamless transition for students interested in transferring to LSU from these institutions. LSU currently holds defined articulation agreements with the following institutions.

The LSU Pathway Program is a unique partnership with LSU at Eunice (LSUE) that offers students additional academic and extracurricular support through a one or two-year pathway program to the LSU Flagship Campus.

As an LSUE student, students will begin their college experience in a smaller setting that emphasizes academic excellence while providing exemplary counseling, tutoring, and other support. Upon successful completion of LSU Flagship Campus transfer requirements, students will be granted direct admission to the Flagship campus in Baton Rouge with no additional admission application or fee.

The Transfer Degree Guarantee is an easy transfer for students from a 2-year community college to a Louisiana 4-year public university. Courses are prescribed in the curricula to earn an Associate of Arts/Louisiana Transfer Degree or an Associate of Science/Louisiana Transfer Degree.

If these degrees are earned and a minimum grade of “C” is achieved in each course, then all 60 hours of course work will transfer to a Louisiana public 4-year university. Students must also meet LSU’s transfer admission requirements to be admitted.

This program is open to biology and chemistry majors. Upon completion of one of the following degrees from BRCC, students transfer to LSU to complete a Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences or Chemistry:

  • Associate’s Degree in Biological Sciences
  • Associate’s Degree in General Science with a concentration in biology, environmental science, or medical science

This program is funded by the National Institutes of Health and offers mentoring and tutoring at BRCC and LSU, as well as the opportunity to participate as a paid scholar in a science summer research program at LSU while studying at BRCC. Visit the Bridges to the Baccalaureate website for more information.

BRCC students who complete an associate’s degree in business, science, engineering, or humanities and social sciences may be admitted to LSU as juniors in their respective programs, as long as they meet LSU’s transfer requirements.

Bears 2 Tigers students will benefit from specialized advisement that is designed for students on the Bears 2 Tigers track. Students interested in Bears 2 Tigers should contact the BRCC Admissions Office at 1-866-217-9823 for more information.