Upper Division Honors Program

The Honors Program is designed to provide superior students in the School of Animal Sciences with the opportunity to achieve honors distinction within their own discipline.

General Information

Following the sophomore year, students may begin honors work in their major field of study. Honors activities in the junior and senior years lead to an honors thesis. Students must meet all degree requirements of their colleges and major departments, as well as additional requirements of the Honors College.

A student will work with a professor to produce a detailed contract, outlining the work to be done in addition to the regular work for a given course. The student will enroll in this course and will obtain honors credit by successfully completing the work outlined in the contract. Contracts must be approved by the LSU Honors College.

Students completing the sophomore year with an overall grade point average of 3.25 or higher are eligible for admission to the Honors Program. Students should apply for admission at or before the beginning of the junior year to the appropriate department honors representative as follows:


To achieve distinction in the Upper Division Honors Program in Animal Science, a student must:

Maintain a grade point average of 3.33 or higher during the junior and senior years.

Complete 6 semester hours of approved thesis work (3 hours as Honors 3991 in the junior year and 3 hours as Honors 3992 in senior year). The Honors thesis must be on an original research project conducted under the direction of an approved Animal, Dairy or Poultry Science faculty. At the completion of the thesis, it must be defended before a group of 3 or more faculty members.

Complete at least 6 semester hours (with a grade no lower than a B) of honors option in courses from the following list:

  • ANSC 3900 Animal Science Research
  • ANSC 4009 Animal Nutrition
  • ANSC 4020 Dairy Foods Technology: Frozen and Cultured Dairy Products
  • ANSC 4031 Incubation and Hatchery Management
  • ANSC 4040 Quality Assurance in the Food Industry
  • ANSC 4043 Domestic Animal Endocrinology
  • ANSC 4045 Reproductive Physiology of Farm Animals
  • ANSC 4046 Physiology of Lactation
  • ANSC 4050 Animal Biotechnology
  • ANSC 4051 Poultry Biology
  • ANSC 4052 Poultry Management
  • ANSC 4054 Dairy Farm Management


Students successfully completing the Upper Division Honors Program will be recognized by the designation:

"Upper Division Honors Distinction in Animal Science" on their transcripts.

The LSU Honors College coordinates on-campus efforts to assist graduating students interested in applying for graduate awards such as Rhodes Scholarships, Marshall Scholarships, Mellon Fellowships and others.

Honors students also have access to the honors lounge and library located in the Honors Center. This facility may be used for student functions and gatherings. In addition, the Honors College maintains two dormitories specifically for honors students.

Students enrolled in the Honors Program also may be eligible for priority registration and academic counseling.

Further information on the Honors Program can be obtained from the LSU Honors College home page.

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