Chenie ZamoraChenie Zamora

Graduate Student

Major Professor: Dr. Jeff Hoy


2019-Present: Master of Science, Plant Pathology and Crop Physiology, Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, LA , US
2009- 2015: Master of Management. Major in Business and Management. University of the Philippines Los Baños College, Laguna
2000-2004: Bachelor of Science in Agriculture. Major in Agronomy, specialized in Weed Science. University of the Philippines Los Baños College, Laguna. Recipient of the Estores,Tuiazon and Angeles Memorial Scholarship


Current Research

My research sought to evaluate marker-trait association utilizing the genotyping-by-sequencing and genome wide association mapping that confer resistance to  sugarcane/sorghum mosaic virus using the diversified panel developed by LSU-Sugarcane Research Technology and USDA-Houma.

Professional Experience

2012 -2019: Assistant Scientist, International Rice Research Institute (IRRI), Los Banos, Laguna

2008-2012: Researcher, International Rice Research Institute (IRRI), Los Banos, Laguna

2005-2008: Field Researcher, Weed Management, Agronomic Development Southeast    Asia, Bayer CropScience Inc., Masiit, Calauan, Laguna

Conference Paper, Posters and Reports

Zamora, C., Navea, K., Labios, R., Ermita, C., Gregorio, G., Thomson, M., Chin, J. H. (2015). QTL pyramiding for multiple abiotic stress tolerance in IR64.

Zamora, C., Chin, J. H., Navea, K., Dwiyanti, M., Ermita, C. J., Labios, R.,  Gregorio, G.,  Septiningsih, E.,  Kumar, A., Ye, C., Choi, I., Nissila, E., Thomson, M. (2015). Multiple-trait packaging: toward a high-throughput marker-assisted breeding service.

Navea, I. P., Shin, W.,  Padilla, J.,  Burgos, M. R., Torollo, G., Navea, K., Zamora, C., Zhou, B., Oña, I., Cruz, C., Kim, K.,  Kim, Bo, K., Ha, W., Yeo, W., Chin, J. (2014). Temperate rice in the tropics: upgrading MS11 disease resistance through early-generation morphological field screening and marker-assisted backcrossing.

Zamora, C., Navea, K., Ermita, C. J., Reveche, M., Thomson, M., Nissila, E., Chin, J.H. (2013). Development of a high-throughput marker-assisted backcrossing (MABC) service at IRRI.

Zamora, C.,  Elec, V., Francisco, A., Mendoza, L., Ali, J., Li, Z. (2010). Breeding for submergence tolerance on rice for rainfed lowland environments.

Francisco, A., Zamora, C.,  Elec, V., Mendoza, L., Ali, J., Li, Z. (2010). Molecular breeding strategy using SSR markers for development of salinity tolerant rice lines.

Chin, J. H., Navea, I. P., Dwiyanti, M., Kim, S., Zamora, C., Navea, K., Thomson, M., Koh, H., (2020). Panicle Length QTLs Identified Under Mild Drought and Low P Application in Rice (Oryza sativa L.).