Jacob SearightJacob Searight

Graduate Student

Email: Jsearight@agcenter.lsu.edu 
Major Professor: Dr. Jonathan Richards


2015-2016: Southeastern Louisiana University - B.S. Molecular Biology/Microbiology

2016-2019: Louisiana State University - B.S. Microbiology

2019-Present: Louisiana State University - M.S. Plant Pathology


Current Research Focus

Investigating the population structure and infection strategy of the rice pathogen Cercospora janseana (Narrow Brown Leaf Spot) in the Southern United States, as well as characterizing pathotypes in an effort to determine sources of host resistance.


Francisco J. Sautua, Jacob Searight, Vinson P. Doyle, Paul P. Price, III, Maria M. Scandiani, and Marcelo A. Carmona. The G143A Mutation Confers Azoxystrobin Resistance to Soybean Cercospora Leaf Blight in Bolivia. Plant Health Progress 2019 20:1, 2-3