Horticultural Crops Pathology Laboratory

The Horticultural Crops Pathology Laboratory strives to improve the well being of growers of horticultural crops by providing practical, economical, sustainable and effective disease management strategies.  An emphasis is placed on integrated pest management (IPM) approaches, which can be applied to commercial, home garden and workplace production settings in any environment.  Whether you are producing one plant or hundreds of plants taking an integrated approach will benefit you, the consumer, and the environment.

The Louisiana Disease Management Guide is updated yearly and contains IPM strategies for all crops produced in Louisiana.

IPM Resources for Vegetables and Herbs

Successful management of vegetable diseases requires a disease management program that integrates the use of resistant varieties, balanced soil fertility, irrigation water management, weed and insect control, biocontrol, and chemical control.  Development and implementation of a disease management plan and good record keeping will increase the overall yield and success of the vegetable crop.

LSU AgCenter Disease Identification and Management Series

Plant Disease Facts On-Line Series

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IPM Resources for Small Fruit Disease Management

Small fruit production has increased on a local and commercial scale throughout the United States due to the recognized health benefits of consuming berries and their derived products.  Unfortunately disease and insect pests can often ruin the crop or damage the plant before the grower (and consumer) can reap the benefits of the fruit.  Plant diseases and the effects of disease can greatly be reduced if an integrated pest management program is developed prior to buying or planting the plants.  On this page you will find resources and knowledge to assist you with producing high quality, disease-free small fruits.

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IPM Resources for Fruit Tree Disease Management

Fruit and nut trees are the pride and joy of many Louisiana home owners. Growing your own fruit and nuts can be satisfying, add to your landscape and profitable. However, growers can not expect to grow high quality fruit without caring for the plants and managing insects and diseases. Success will depend largely on implementing an integrated pest management program.  On this page you will find resources and knowledge to assist you with producing fruit and nut trees that are pleasing to the eye and produce high quality fruit and nuts.

LSU AgCenter Disease Identification and Management Series

Good Agricultural Practices (GAPs)

GAPS are a series of management guidelines that can help to reduce the risks of microbial contamination of fruits and vegetables.  GAPs can be incorporated into any production system and targets pre-harvest and post-harvest practices.  GAPs address four major routes of  foodborne pathogen contamination of fresh produce: water, waste, wildlife and workers.

LSU AgCenter “Best Practices to Ensure On-farm Food Safety” Factsheet Series