Agricultural Business

What is Agricultural Business?

Agricultural Business, or Agribusiness, is an area of agriculture that is focused on business principles that support the agricultural industry. Its main goal is to maximize profit while satisfying the needs of consumers as sustainably as possible. To pursue a career in this field, students will need a comprehensive knowledge of business fundamentals along with the specific economics of the industry. 

Why study Agricultural Business at LSU?

The agribusiness program at LSU is unlike traditional business degrees. While students will still learn the basics of management, marketing, finance, and economics, there will be a greater emphasis on how these subjects interact with the land’s natural resources and how companies must balance sustainability with their bottom line.

LSU’s Department of Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness also teaches how to work with rural communities on a sociological level to provide the best outcome for the people living there, the company, and the environment. 


LSU agricultural business students may declare one of four areas of concentration within their degree based on a particular area of interest, however, selecting a concentration is not required. 

Opting to not declare an area of concentration gives you more flexibility to choose coursework that meets your unique objectives and allows you to mix and match within the various concentrations. 

With the increasing amount of secondary and administrative data that is being captured and available for analysis, there is an increasing demand for graduates that can incorporate big data analytics into optimal business decisions. Agribusiness Analytics concentration provides the tool to analyze data and apply the knowledge in making optimal business decisions.

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No matter what field of business you pursue, staying profitable will be the driving force, and agriculture-based businesses are no different. A strong foundation in financial management is critical when working for any firm connected to the field. In this concentration, you will learn how public and private financial institutions come together to fund agriculture efforts.

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The food industry management concentration applies strategies used in business management and applies them to develop, market, and supply chain distribution systems. As the global transportation of food becomes more complex, the need for knowledgeable individuals who know how to navigate this field is vital to getting people the foods that they crave. 

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Agriculture plays a large part in the worldwide economy. The International Business concentration teaches how to identify international markets for food products and address challenges in a global marketplace. Knowing how to adjust long-term plans for government regulations and changing import-export laws is a necessary skill to have in the changing international landscape.

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Farmers in rural communities are the cornerstone of agricultural businesses. Understanding how to measure the economic health and vitality of these communities is vital when trying to source products or build relationships. The rural development concentration will give you the skills you need to assist private businesses, nonprofit organizations, and governments in finding ways to improve lives.

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Career Paths

One of the advantages of the agricultural business degree plan is the diverse career opportunities you can pursue after graduation. Whether you want to work for a large corporation or a small operation, spend your days in the field or in an office, or have your sights set on attending law school or pursuing a graduate degree - agricultural business provides you with the flexibility to choose your own adventure beyond LSU. 


Agricultural Lobbyist

Agricultural Lawyer (with additional education)

Banking/Lending Officer

Commodity Broker

Farm Business Manager

International Trade Manager


Marketing Specialist/Economist

Public Policy Manager

Real Estate Manager/Realtor

Rural Development Specialist

Sales Representative

Agricultural business pathways

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Program Details

Department: Agricultural Economics & Agribusiness

College: LSU College of Agriculture

Location: LSU - Baton Rouge

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Bachelor's of Science

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Dr. Trina Biswas
Director of Undergraduate Studies

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