Nutrition and Food Sciences

What is Nutrition and Food Sciences?

Nutrition and Food Sciences study the relationship between food and the physical and social aspects of human life. It covers areas such as food systems, food policy, and sustainable cooking and research practices.

Why study Nutrition and Food Sciences at LSU?

The Nutrition and Food Sciences program at LSU offers students the opportunity to study under world-class faculty teaching how to keep food fresh, safe, and delicious. The curriculum has been developed to foster problem-solving, intellectual curiosity, and lifelong learning. Louisiana has some of the most culturally diverse selections of food in the country, creating the perfect environment to learn the science of food preparation. 


Students in this curriculum specialize in one of four areas of concentration: dietetics; nutritional sciences/pre-medical; nutrition, health and society; and food science and technology (with optional Pre-Medical route). Each concentration provides the student with a path to professional excellence and provides the accompanying supporting courses. 

Dietetics involves the practical implementation of the scientific understanding of nutrition. Students pursuing this concentration will gain specialized skills in human nutrition, food and food system management. Upon successful completion of the program, students can apply for a dietetic internship with the ultimate goal of obtaining professional credentials in dietetics. 

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Students will learn the biochemistry behind appetizing food and the management delivery systems that make it available to consumers. Food production, from development to packaging and distribution, will be a major focus of study along with the microbiology, engineering, and business practices of the industry. 

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In this concentration, students will examine the links between food, nutrition and society and gain the skills necessary for careers in health professions, the food industry, and government or scientific writing.

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Understanding the critical role that food and nutrition play in our lives is vital in reducing the risk of chronic and acute diseases. The Nutritional Sciences program provides premedical students with a solid basis for building meaningful medical careers. The curriculum is specifically designed to prepare students for entry into medical school.  

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Career Paths

Students are prepared for careers in food and nutrition management, dietetics, public policy, research and development, quality assurance, packaging technology, food law and regulations, and education and research with job opportunities in the food or health industries, government, or commodity groups.

Some career opportunities:

Health and Wellness Coordinator

Food Scientist

Food Ingredient Sales Representative

Laboratory Director

Extension Educator/Specialist

Nutrition Educator

Packaging Specialist

Public Health Specialist

Quality Control Specialist

Product Developer

Registered Dietitian (with additional education)

Sports Dietitian (with additional education)

Sensory Evaluation Scientist

Performance Dietitian

Wellness Coordinator

Companies Hiring LSU Nutrition and Food Sciences Graduates

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Program Details

Department: School of Nutrition & Food Sciences

College: LSU College of Agriculture

Location: LSU - Baton Rouge


Bachelor's of Science


Nutrition & Food Sciences (4-year plan, courses)


Human Nutrition (Courses)

UndergraduAte CoNTACT

Dr. Georgianna Tuuri


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