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Art Gallery

The LSU Student Union Art Gallery is located in the LSU Student Union, on the second floor, next to the Information Center.




           Layers Exhibit     

2022 Exhibits

Exhibit Dates
"LAYERS" Group Exhibition Feb. 23— March 22
"What I Wore" Exhibit

April 4 — April 29

"Plastigene & Other Stories of the Planet" Exhibit

May 2 — May 7

Society of Sculptors

May 9— May 22




      Layers Art Exhibit              

If you would like to hold your Exhibit here at the LSU Art Gallery please fill out the digital form below and provide us with as much information as you can. We will get back to you accordingly. 

Art Gallery Application Form


The LSU Student Union is also home to a Permanent Art Collection. Much of this collection is displayed throughout the building.