Key Request Procedure | LSU Auxiliary Services

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Key Request Procedure

 The purpose of the key issuance procedures is to support Facilities Services in their efforts to provide the highest security for all LSU facilities.  Per PS-49, Facility Services has identified building coordinators for each LSU facility to assist in the key issuance process.  For the LSU Student Union/Auxiliary Services department, the Facilities Manager, will serve in this role. 

Key Request:

  1. Fill out the key request form.
  2. All key request forms should be attached to an email and sent to the Auxiliary Services work order email,  Keys may not be ordered by telephone.
  3. There is a charge for each key made.  Please include an account number to be charged $5.00 on the key request form. 
  4. The Facilities Manager will approve and enter the request through the Facility Services work order tracking system.

Key Pickup:

  1. Facility Services will notify the Facilities Manager when the keys are ready to be picked up.
  2. The Facilities Manager will contact the individual/employee notifying them that their key is ready to be picked up at the Facility Services Building, Room 120.
  3. Keys can be picked up between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.
  4. The individual/employee will pick their key up at the Facility Services Building.
  5. It is the individual/employee’s responsibility to immediately verify that the key works. 

Lost/ stolen keys:

If a key is lost or stolen, the staff member’s Department Head, LSU Facility Services, and the LSU Student Union/Auxiliary Service’s Facilities Manager must be notified.  Also, a police report must be filed with LSU PD.  A copy of the police report must be attached to the Facility Services Key Replacement Work Order and sent in to

Termination of Employment:

Upon termination of employment, or when a change in space assignment occurs, key(s) must be returned to Facility Services.  Please inform the LSU Student Union/Auxiliary Services Facilities Manager, via email of any termination/space assignment changes so that he/she can make the appropriate changes in the facility key inventory log.

LSU Key Issuance Agreement:

As an LSU employee, you acknowledge receipt of the requested key and agree to adhere to the key control policies and procedures as per the University Rules & Regulations:

  1. Key(s) remain the permanent property of Louisiana State University.
  2. A lost or stolen key(s) must be reported immediately to LSU OFS and LSU PD. A fee will be charged for each lost key and to rekey lock(s), if deemed necessary.
  3. Individuals may not loan keys to anyone.
  4. Only an LSU locksmith may duplicate an LSU key(s).
  5. No employee will unlock a door for any person unless they are certain the individual is authorized to be in the building/room/area.  Upon termination of employment, periods of extended leave from the university, or when a change in space assignment occurs, key(s) must be returned to Facility Services.  A fee will be charged for each unreturned key plus the cost to replace each core the lost key operates.