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Economics & Policy Research Group

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The Economics & Policy Research Group (EPRG) conducts economic research on topics of interest to the citizens of Louisiana. Projects focus on evaluating current issues affecting the lives of Louisianians as well as evaluating policies for Louisiana’s leaders.

EPRG has over a 20-year history of providing research to Louisiana’s local, state, and private sectors to address the needs of the day. EPRG has partnered with scholars from across LSU and other universities within and outside Louisiana on research projects.


Research Areas

Health Economics

Since 2003, EPRG has conducted the Louisiana Health Insurance Survey for the Louisiana Department of Health. This is the largest survey of Louisiana households used to measure the number of uninsured children and adults and assess health-related issues.

Economic Development and Regional Economics

EPRG has worked with Louisiana Economic Development and others to evaluate the economic impact of over 70 major industrial development projects and events. 

Economic Forecasting

EPRG has provided forecasts of Unemployment Claims and Employment to the Louisiana Workforce Commission over its 20-year history and provided numerous specialized studies to LWC and others based on forecasts of employment and related issues.

Environmental Economics & Energy

EPRG has worked closely with the Louisiana Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority providing reports on such issues as coastal erosion and GOMESA.


LSU Impact Report

Cover of report that reads 2021-22 The Economic Impact of LSU on LouisianaLSU supported $6.1 billion in Louisiana economic output in 2021-22. The Economics & Policy Research Group (EPRG) is proud to have produced the Economic Impact of LSU on Louisiana report. Led by Professor Dek Terrell, EPRG conducts essential economic research on matters of interest to the citizens of Louisiana.

EPRG works with federal, state, local, and non-profit entities on research efforts that inform decision-making and shape policy for business and the economy, ultimately improving the overall well-being of Louisiana and its residents.

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