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Select Faculty Publications

Scott Abrahams

Abrahams, S. (2024). Downward minimum wage rigidity: evidence from a temporary four-month increase in St. Louis. Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, 218, 30-47.

Abrahams, S. & Mabli, J. (2024). Commuting barriers to low-wage employment. Regional Science and Urban Economics, 104, 103970.

Abrahams, S. (2020). Officer differences in traffic stops of minority drivers. Labour Economics, 67, 101912.

Wiemers, E. E., Abrahams, S., AlFakhri, M., Hotz, V. J., Schoeni, R. F., & Seltzer, J. A. (2020). Disparities in vulnerability to complications from COVID-19 arising from disparities in preexisting conditions in the United States. Research in Social Stratification and Mobility, 69, 100553.

Flabbi, L., Piras, C., & Abrahams, S. (2017). Female corporate leadership in Latin America and the Caribbean Region: Representation and firm-level outcomes. International Journal of Manpower, 38(6), 790-818.

Areendam Chanda

Chanda, A. and Kabiraj, S. (2020). Shedding Light on Regional Growth and Convergence in India. World Development.

Chanda, A., Cook, C. Justin, and Putterman, L. (2014). Persistence of fortune: Accounting for Population Movements, There was no Post-Columbian Reversal. American Economic Journal: Macroeconomics, 6(3), 1-28.

Chanda, A., Alfaro, L., Kalemli-Ozcan, S., and Sayek, S. (2010). Foreign Direct Investment, Financial Markets and Economic Growth. Journal Of Development Economics.

Chanda, A. and Dalgaard, C. (2008). Dual Economies and International Total Factor Productivity Differences. Economica, 75, 629-661.

Chanda, A., Alfaro, L., Kalemli-Ozcan, S., and Sayek, S. (2004). Foreign Direct Investment and Economic Growth: The Role of Local Financial Markets. Journal of International Economics, 64(64), 89-112.

Chanda, A., Bockstette, V., and Putterman, L. (2002). States and Markets: The Advantages of an Early Start. Journal of Economic Growth.

Daniel Keniston

Keniston, D., Banerjee, A., Duflo, E., Chattopadyay, R., and Singh, N. (2021). Improving Police Performance in Rajasthan, India: Experimental Evidence on Incentives, Managerial Autonomy, and Training. American Economic Journal: Economic Policy.

Banerjee, A., Duflo, E., Keniston, D., Singh, N., and , .. The Efficient Deployment of Police Resources: Theory and New Evidence from a Randomized Drunk Driving Crackdown in India. Econometrica.

Keniston, D. and Allcott, H. (2018). Dutch Disease or Agglomeration? The Local Economic Effects of Commodity Booms and Busts in Modern America. Review of Economic Studies, 85(2), 695-731.

Hornbeck, R. and Keniston, D. (2017). Creative Destruction: Barriers to Urban Growth and the Great Boston Fire of 1872. American Economic Review, 107(6), 1365-1398.

Banerjee, A., Banerji, R., Duflo, E., Glennerster, R., Keniston, D., Khemani, S., and Shotland, M. (2007). Can information campaigns raise awareness and local participation in primary education?. Economic and Political Weekly, , 1365--1372.

Faik A. Koray

Koray, F., Arin, K., and Spagnolo, N. (2015). Fiscal Multipliers in Good Times and Bad Times. Journal of Macroeconomics, 44, 303-311.

Koray, F., Arin, P., Berlemann, M., and Kuhlenkasper, T. (2013). Non-Linear Growth Effects of Taxation: A Semi-Parametric Approach Using Average Marginal Tax Rates. Journal of Applied Econometrics, 28(5), 883-899.

Koray, F. and McMillin, W. Douglas (1999). Monetary Shocks, the Exchange Rate, and the Trade Balance. Journal of International Money and Finance, , 925-940.

Koray, F. (1993). Inflation Variability and the Turkish Economy. Applied Economics, , 787-793.

Koray, F. and Lastrapes, W. D (1990). International Transmission of Aggregate Shocks under Fixed and Flexible Exchange Rate Regimes: A VAR Analysis. Journal of International Money and Finance, , 402-423.

Koray, F. and Lastrapes, W. D (1989). Real Exchange Rate Volatility and Bilateral Trade under Alternative Exchange Rate Regimes: A VAR Analysis. Review of Economics and Statistics, , 708-712.

Koray, F. (1989). Money and Functional Distribution of Income. Journal of Money, Credit, and Banking, , 33-48.

Koray, F. and Chan, P. (1988). Fiscal Policy and Stabilization of Exchange Rates under Alternative Criteria. Canadian Journal of Economics, , 97-114.

Koray, F. (1987). Government Debt, Economic Activity and Transmission of Economic Disturbances. Journal of Money, Credit, and Banking, , 361-375.

Philip Marx

"A Robust Test of Prejudice for Discrimination Experiments," with Daniel Martin. 2022. Management Science (Fast Track) 68(6), 4527-4536. 

"An Absolute Test of Racial Prejudice." 2022. Journal of Law, Economics, and Organization 38(1), 42-91.

"Revenue from Matching Platforms,"  with James Schummer. 2021. Theoretical Economics 16(3), 799-824

H Naci Mocan

Depew, B., Eren, O., and Mocan, H. Naci (2017). Judges, Juveniles, and In-Group Bias. Journal of Law and Economics, 60(2), 209-239.

Mocan, H. Naci, Raschke, C., and , . (2016). Economic Well-being and Anti-Semitic, Xenophobic, and Racist Attitudes in Germany. European Journal of Law and Economics, 41(1), 1-63.

Mocan, H. Naci and Altindag, D. (2013). Salaries and Work Effort: An Analysis of European Union Parliamentarians. Economic Journal, 123, 1130-67.

Mocan, H. Naci (2013). Vengeance. Review of Economics and Statistics, 95(3), 969-82.

Mocan, H. Naci and Bali, T. (2010). Asymmetric Crime Cycles. Review of Economics and Statistics, 92(4), 899-911.

Mocan, H. Naci and Tekin, E. (2010). Ugly Criminals. Review of Economics and Statistics, 92(1), 15-30.

Mocan, H. Naci (2008). What Determines Corruption? International Evidence from Micro Data. Economic Inquiry, 46(4), 493-510.

Mocan, H. Naci and Tekin, E. (2006). Guns and Juvenile Crime. Journal Of Law And Economics, , 507-31.

Mocan, H. Naci, Billups, S., and Overland, J. (2005). A Dynamic Model of Differential Human Capital and Criminal Activity. Economica, 72, 655-81.

Mocan, H. Naci and Corman, H. (2005). Carrots, Sticks and Broken Windows. Journal Of Law And Economics, 48(1), 235-66.

Argys, L. and Mocan, H. Naci (2004). Who Shall Live and Who Shall Die? An Analysis of Prisoners on Death Row in the United States. Journal Of Legal Studies, 33(2), 255-82.

Mocan, H. Naci and Gittings, K. (2003). Getting Off Death Row: Commuted Sentences and the Deterrent Effect of Capital Punishment. Journal Of Law And Economics, 46(2), 453-78.

Mocan, H. Naci and Tekin, E. (2003). Nonprofit Sector and Part-Time Work: An Analysis of Employer-Employee Matched Data of Child Care Workers. Review Of Economics And Statistics, 85(1), 38-50.

Blau, D. M and Mocan, H. Naci (2002). The Supply of Quality in Child Care Centers. Review Of Economics And Statistics, 84(3), 483-96.

Corman, H. and Mocan, H. Naci (2000). A Time-Series Analysis of Crime, Deterrence and Drug Abuse in New York City. American Economic Review, 90(3), 584-604.

Dek Terrell

Terrell, D. and Kleit, A. (2001). Measuring Potential Efficiency Gains from Deregulation of Electricity Generation: A Bayesian Approach. Review Of Economics And Statistics, , 523-30.

Terrell, D. and Bratsberg, B. (1998). Experience, Tenure, and Wage Growth of Young black and White Men. Journal Of Human Resources, , 658-682.

Terrell, D. and Farmer, A. (1996). Optimal Betting and Efficiency in Betting Markets with Information Costs. The Economic Journal, , 846-868.

Bulent Unel

Chanda, A. and Unel, B. (2021). Do Attitudes Toward Risk Taking Affect Entrepreneurship? Evidence from Second-generation Americans. Journal of Economic Growth, 26, 385-413. 

Beland, L. and Unel, B. (2019). Politics and Entrepreneurship in the U.S.. Canadian Journal of Economics, 57, 33-57.

Unel, B. (2018). Offshoring and Unemployment in a Credit-Constraint Economy. Journal of International Economics, 111, 21-33. 

Dinopoulos, E. and Unel, B. (2015). Entrepreneurs, Jobs, and Trade. European Economic Review, 79, 93-112.

Dinopoulos, E. and Unel, B. (2011). Quality Heterogeneity and Global Economic Growth. European Economic Review, 55, 595-612.

Page, T., Putterman, L., and Unel, B. (2005). Voluntary Association in Public Goods Experiments: Reciprocity, Mimicry, and Efficiency. Economic Journal, 115, 1032-53.

Qiankun Zhou

Zhou, Q., Liu, R., Shang, Z., and Zhang, Y. (2020). Identification and estimation in panel models with overspecified number of groups. Journal of Econometrics, 215(215), 17.

Pesaran, M. Hashem and Zhou, Q. (2018). Estimation of time-invariant effects in static panel data models. Econometric Reviews, 37, 1137-1171.

Lee, N., Moon, H. Roger, and Zhou, Q. (2017). Many IVs estimation of dynamic panel regression models with measurement error. Journal of Econometrics, 200(2), 251 259.

Zhang, Y., Zhou, Q., and Jiang, L. (2017). Panel kink regression with an unknown threshold. Economics Letters.

Hsiao, C. and Zhou, Q. (2017). First difference or forward demeaning: Implications for the method of moments estimators. Econometric Reviews, 36(6-9), 883-897.

Xue, S., Yang, T. Tao, and Zhou, Q. (2017). Binary choice model with interactive effects. Economic Modeling, , 1-13.

Wang, Y., Zhang, Y., and Zhou, Q. (2016). A Stein-like estimator for linear panel data models. Economics Letters, 141, 156 161.

Hsiao, C. and Zhou, Q. (2016). Asymptotic distribution of quasi-maximum likelihood estimation of dynamic panels using long difference transformation when both N and T are large. Statistical Methods & Applications, 25(4), 675-683.

Zhou, Q. and Yu, J. (2015). Asymptotic theory for linear diffusions under alternative sampling schemes. Economics Letters, 128, 1-5.

Research Seminar Series

Every semester, the Department of Economics hosts a Research Seminar Series. Speakers have experience in various disciplines and speak on topics covering the economics field. The series provides students, faculty, and business professionals with engaging thought leadership and unique perspectives to broaden their knowledge, skills, and networks.

Details will be posted here when the series resumes in fall 2024.


Explore past research seminar speakers:

Spring 2024

Associate Professor Katherine Eriksson- University of California-Davis

"Marriage and the Intergenerational Mobility of Women: Evidence from Marriage Certificates 1850-1920"

Hanming Fang- Joseph M. Cohen Term Professor of Economics, University of Pennsylvania

"Labor Union and Social Insurance" (with Naoki Aizawa and Katsuhiro Komatsu)

Cormac O'Dea - Assistant Professor, Yale University

Lucija Muehlenbachs - Associate Professor, University of Calgary 

Spring 2023

Costas Arklolakis, Yale University

LSU-Tulane Conference of Applied Microeconomics

Simone Schaner, University of Southern California

Fall 2023

Paula Calvo, Assistant Professor of Economics, Arizona State University

Topic: “The Effects of Institutional Gaps Between Cohabitation and Marriage”

Michael Munger, Professor of Political Science & Economics, Duke University

Topic: "Giants Among Us: Power and Monopoly in Today’s Economy” 

Spring 2022

Kathleen McKiernan
Vanderbilt University
Title: "Revisting Retirement and Social Security Claiming Decisions"

Cory Smith
University of Maryland
"Land Concentration and Long-Run Development"

Michelle Marcus
Vanderbilt University
"Unchartered Waters: Effects of Maritime Emission Regulation"

Zhixu Yu
University of Minnesota

Kerem Cosar
University of Virginia
"Rise and Fall of Empires in the Industrial Era: A Story of Shifting Comparative Advantages"


Fall 2022

Eliza Forsythe, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Presentation title: "The Effect of Minimum Wage Policies on the Wage and Occupational Structure of Establishments" 

Federico Mandelman, Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta
Presentation title: "Slowdown in Immigration, Labor Market Shortages, and the Decline in the Skill-Premium"

Lakshmi Iyer, University of Notre Dame
Presentation title: "It Takes a Village? Administrative Decentralization and Human Development"

Sadia Farzana, LSU Department of Economics
Presentation title: The Impact of Family Income and Maternal Labor Supply on Child Achievement and Behavior

Alex Albright, The Opportunity and Inclusive Growth Institute of the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis
Presentation title: The Hidden Effects of Algorithmic Recommendations

Justin Cook, Tulane University

Yunsang Kim, Visiting Assistant Professor, LSU Economics
Presentation title: Distributional Effects of Exchange Rate Stabilization in Emerging Markets

Murat Mungan, George Mason University
Presentation title: Endogenous Judge Decision Quality, Monotonicity, and Treatment Effects

Spring 2020:

Rossella Calvi
Rice University, Department of Economics
"Sharing the Pie: Undernutrition, Intra-household Allocation, and Poverty"


Fall 2020: 

Sandra Rozo
Paper: "Give me Your Tired and Your Poor: Impact of a Large-Scale Amnesty Program for Undocumented Refugees"

Peter Testa
Paper: “Resource Blessing? Oil, Risk, and Religious Communities as Social Insurance in the US South.” 

Barton Willage
Paper: "Childbirth and Job Loss: Impact of Postpartum Job Displacement on Mother and Child"

Patrick Button
Paper: “Gender Identity, Race, and Ethnicity in Access to Mental Health Care: Evidence from a Pilot Audit Field Experiment” 

Areendam Chanda
Paper: "Do Attitudes Toward Risk Taking Affect Entrepreneurship? Evidence from Second-generation Americans" 

Dan Keniston
Paper: “A Division of Laborers: Identity and Efficiency in India”

Austin Denteh
Paper: “Using Machine Learning to Estimate the Heterogeneous Impacts of Medicaid Managed Care”

Julien Labonne
Paper: "Captured Labour Markets: Social Structure and Labour Market Performance in the Philippines"

Vegard Mokleiv Nygaard
Paper: "Optimal Allocation of the COVID-19 Stimulus Checks"

Spring 2019: 

Amanda Agan
Rutgers University
The Minimum Wage, EITC, and Criminal Recidivism

David Atkin
A New Engel on Price Index and Welfare Estimation

Fang Yang
The Lost Generation: the Opportunities and Outcomes of Non-College Educated Americans Born in the 1960s

David Weil
Brown University
The Dynamics of Income, Population, and Health in a Multi-Country World

Jonathan Pritchett
Tulane University
Demographic Consequences of the Interregional Slave Trade


Fall 2019:

Peter Gingeleskie

Yangling Qi
Cal State Long Beach
Title: Do We Stay in the Hospital too Long? Evidence from China

Brent Sorensen
University of Houston
Title: Quantifying Productivity Gains from Foreign Investment

Sara Markowitz
Emory University
Title: The Effects of State Scope of Practice Laws on the Labor Supplyof Advanced Practice Registered Nurses

Aaditya Dar
Indian School of Business
Title: Parachuters vs. Climbers: Economic Consequences of Barriers to Political Entry in a Democracy

Ilan Tojerow
Université Libre de Bruxelles
Title: The 'Other' Child Penalty: Work Disability after Motherhood and how Paternity Leave can Help

Nishith Prakash
University of Connecticut
Title: Wheels of Change: Transforming Women's Lives with Education and Empowerment




Journal Editors

Department of Economics faculty serving as editors of peer-reviewed academic journals, provide subject-matter expertise and thought leadership on the latest examinations of economics-related scholarship.

Areendam Chanda

  • Economic Modelling -  Associate Editor
  • Economic Inquiry - Co-Editor




Working Papers

Below is a selection of recent working papers from the Department of Economics. Contact for more information regarding our research or for archived working papers. 

2021-01 - Bulent Unel, "Effects of Chinese Import Competition on U.S. Self-Employment"

2021-02 - Bulent Unel, "Tariff Wars, Unemployment, and Income Distribution," with Elias Dinopoulos and Gunnar Heins

2021-03 - Eunseong Ma, "Gini in the Taylor Rule: Should the Fed Care About Inequality?" with Kwangyong Park

2021-04 - Bulent Unel, "Oil & Gas Induced Economic Flucuations and Self-Employment," with Gregory B. Upton Jr.

2017-01 - Areendam Chanda, "Early Urbanization and the Persistence of Regional Disparities within Countries" with Dachao Ruan.

2017-02 - Louis-Philippe Beland and Daniel Brent, "Traffic and Crime".

2017-03 - R. Carter Hill, "Baumol and Bowen Cost Effects in Research Universities" with Robert E. Martin and Melissa S. Waters.

2017-04 - Daniel A. Brent, "Energy Efficiency and Financial Literacy" with Michael Ward.

2017-05 - Louis-Philippe Beland and Bulent Unel , "Politics and Entrepreneurship in the U.S.".

2017-06 - - Anindo Sarker and Bulnet Unel, "The Impact of Bank Expansion on Self-Employed Business Owners: Evidence from US States".

2017-07 - Daniel A. Brent, "Are Normative Appeals Moral Taxes? Evidence from a Field Experiment on Water Conservation" with Corey Lott, Michael Taylor, Joseph Cook, Kim Rollins, and Shawn Stoddard.

2017-08 - Fan Duan and Bulnet Unel, "Persistence of Cities: Evidence from China".

2017-09 - Daniel Brent, "The Geography of Civic Crowdfunding: Implications for Social Inequality and Donor-Project Dynamics" with Katie Lorah.

2017-10 - Qiankun Zhou, "JIVE for Panel Dynamic Simultaneous Equations Models" with Cheng Hsiao.

2017-11 - Qiankun Zhou, "Incidental parameters, initial conditions and sample size in statistical inference for dynamic panel data models" with Cheng Hsiao.