Emeritus Faculty

Arthur Bedeian headshot

Arthur G. Bedeian 

Education: DBA Management, Mississippi State University
Employed by LSU: August 22, 1985 - August 31. 2015
Email: abede@lsu.edu
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Marion Fletcher headshot

F. Marion Fletcher

Education: PhD, University of Pennsylvania
Employed by LSU: until May 20, 1994

Edmund Gray headshot

Edmund R. Gray

Education: PhD, University of California, Los Angeles
Employed by LSU: until August 7, 1986

Robert Justis headshot

Robert T. Justis 

Education: PhD, Indiana University
Employed by LSU: 1987 - August 15, 2014

Jean McGuire headshot

Jean McGuire

Education: PhD, Cornell University
Employed by LSU: 2006 - 2021