Hire Top Talent. Hire a Tiger.

Hire Top Talent. Hire a Tiger.


Dear Employer,

LSU students achieve the highest levels of intellectual and personal development and go on to become collaborative, creative, innovative, and transformative leaders. With over 27,000 undergraduate students, over 6,000 graduate students, and an ever-growing alumni network, LSU is the place to find your next exceptional employee. The LSU Olinde Career Center offers unparalleled access to this educated and experienced talent pool.

Why Hire A Tiger?

  • Student Achievements: LSU's students have distinguished themselves in business, education, science, the arts, sports, entertainment, and many other areas.
  • A Candidate for Every Field: LSU has hundreds of student organizations, 194 undergraduate and graduate/professional degrees and over 34,000 students.
  • Program Excellence: LSU’s academics, programs, and facilities are consistently ranked top in the nation. 
  • LSU Research Works: As the state’s flagship university, our work focuses on finding solutions to some of the state’s largest problems, which span a wide range from chronic disease to coastal land loss. Through science, scholarship, and discovery, our faculty and students don’t just make a name for themselves – they make a difference for the people of our state.
  • A Class of Their Own: The Fall 2022 class is the largest, most diverse and academically accomplished in LSU history. 

Below are a few resources the LSU Olinde Career Center offers to assist you in hiring LSU talent,

Thank you for choosing to recruit at LSU!



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