Career Events for Students and Alumni

With over 15 on-campus career events each year, you are bound to find one that hosts employers who meet your specific interests! Career events are not just for students on the job hunt - they are also a great opportunity for any student or alum to explore career options, become familiar with companies who hire their major and practice networking skills in preparation for the job search.

How to Work Career Events

  • Dress for success. Review event details to determine whether professional or business casual attire is recommended or required. 
  • Practice your elevator pitch ahead of time with your friends or mentors. What will you say
    about yourself to employers you meet? What questions will you ask about their industry, company, or job openings? 
  •  Review registered employers and any of their job openings on Handshake before the event. This will help you form talking points and questions for genuine discussion.
  • Save any business cards and make notes right after the event so you can be sure to follow up.

How Do You Benefit From Attending a Career Event

All Students and Alumni: Building your network is a never-ending experience, and you can't start too early. The more people you know, the more opportunities you will have. Attend career events to meet recruiters, ask for business cards, and then follow up to show interest in the company.

Freshmen: Exploring majors and careers? Use career events to learn about career opportunities, companies, and how to prepare for the internship you will want in a year or two.

Sophomore: Use career events to explore internship and part-time opportunities that will give you valuable work experience. 

Junior: Kick up your internship search! Career-related experience is the number one thing employers look for in full-time hires. Spend time making contacts at career event and bring questions for recruiters about open opportunities to demonstrate your commitment and set yourself apart. You’ll want to have well-developed relationships before jumping into a full-time job search.

Senior / Graduate / Alumni: At this stage, you should be selling yourself as a potential full-time hire during career events. Research registered companies on Handshake prior to attending, and be prepared to communicate how you would make a great hire.


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