Admission Tests

Required for graduate and professional school, these tests are considered a means of predicting potential for success in graduate or professional programs.

The specific test(s) that you must take will be determined by the programs to which you apply and will be included in their application materials.

Below is a listing of common entrance examinations for graduate and professional school where you will find general test information, fees, registration procedures, specific content information, and test preparation information:

Test preparation

Give yourself ample time to prepare for each test and thoroughly review all topics on which you will be tested. Taking these tests multiple times is not desirable. Tests are expensive, and score reporting may be cumulative.

For those taking the GRE, all GRE scores earned within the past five years will be sent to graduate schools to which you apply. As programs review your scores, some will look at the most recent one, while others will take into account all scores.

Doing well the first time around is to your advantage. Prepare!