Pursuing Graduate or Professional School 

Graduate School Information

People choose to attend graduate school to obtain advanced degrees for a variety of reasons. As you try to decide if this is the right choice for you, you might find it helpful to explore your own reasons for attending. You must be clear on what field you intend to pursue. You must also determine whether or not continuing your education will provide you with a significant advantage in your career field. Below are some key resources to help you determine whether graduate or professional school is right for you. 

Review the sections below on Law and Medical School if those are areas of interest for you. 

Learn more about deciding to go to graduate school or not.

Selecting a Graduate Program

Selecting a grad school that fits is an important decision and should not be taken lightly. Learn more about selecting a program.

Get Into Graduate School Workshops

Thinking about Graduate, Law, or Medical school? These workshops are designed to help students decide if graduate or professional school is a good choice for them and learn how to prepare and develop techniques for applying to improve success. These hands-on workshops give students a jump start on the admissions process. Visit Handshake to see upcoming workshops focusing on Graduate School.

Once you have made the choice to continue your education through graduate or professional school, you will want to be prepared and stay on track. These pages offer additional resources for getting into the right grad school for you:


Law School Information

3+3 Degree Programs

LSU offers two 3+3 Law Programs, one in the College of Humanities and Social Sciences and one in the Manship School of Mass Communications. Both programs allowing LSU students to receive a bachelor’s degree and law degree in 6 years rather than taking the traditional route of 7 years. Learn more about the 3+3 Law Programs. 

Meet with the Pre-Law Advisor

Students considering Law School are encouraged to meet with the Pre-Law Advisor early on in their academic career. Contact Pre-Law Advisor, Jennifer Braud, at prelaw@lsu.edu or 225-578-3141 today. 

Attend Geaux Pre-Law Week Events

Geaux Pre-Law Week 2019 is held during the Fall every year and includes a Law School Info Fair, workshops covering the admissions process, financing Law School, and more. All LSU students are welcome to attend Geaux Pre-Law Week activities to learn more about law school admissions, the College of Humanities & Social Sciences 3+3 Pre-Law program, and how to prepare for success. Visit webpage for more specific details.


Medical and Dental School Information

Degree Programs for Pre-Dentistry and Pre-Medicine

LSU offers a variety of pathways to prepare students for careers in dentistry and medicine. Review information on Pre-health pathways including Pre-Medicine and Pre-Dentistry options. 

Meet with the Pre-Med Advisor

The counselors in the College of Science are the primary pre-medicine/pre-dentistry advisors at LSU. Besides advising students, the College of Science links a great deal of useful information regarding medical and dental school preparation on their web page.

LSU Pre-Medicine/Pre-Dentistry Review Committee

LSU students should plan to utilize the LSU pre-medicine/pre-dentistry review committee for the 2021 application cycle (i.e. applying to begin medical, dental, optometry, or podiatry school in summer/fall 2021). Attendance at one Pre-medicine/Pre-dentistry Review Committee meeting is mandatory for students who plan to utilize this invaluable resource.

Pre-Medicine/Pre-Dentistry Events

Check out the College of Science Pre-Health events page for events related to navigating admissions processes, externships, and more.


Other Careers in Healthcare

Pre-Health Degree Programs

LSU provides a number of pathways to careers in the healthcare field including Pre-Nursing, Pre-Occupational Therapy, Pre-Veterinary Medicine, and many more. 

Pre-Health Events

Check out the College of Science Pre-Health events page to explore careers in healthcare and to navigate admissions processes, externships, and alternative careers in healthcare.