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Anissa Hyde

DES Masters Student Maps Flood Risk Exposure

Environmental Sciences Masters student Anissa Hyde is working on a way to quantify flooding exposure for at-risk communities around the Gulf Coast.

Dr. Vince Wilson

"Your choices are totally open" - Vince Wilson remembers the beginnings of CES

Vince Wilson, who recently stepped down as director of CC&E undergraduate programs, discusses the beginnings of Coastal Environmental Science and how it has changed.

Dr. Brian Snyder

CC&E Welcomes New Director of Undergraduate Programs

The LSU College of the Coast & Environment is excited to welcome Brian Snyder to his new role as Director of Undergraduate programs.

Dr. Tracy Quirk

CC&E's Tracy Quirk to study saltmarshes with prestigious Whitman Fellowship

Department of Oceanography & Coastal Sciences Associate Professor Tracy Quirk has received the prestigious Whitman Fellowship from the University of Chicago's Marine Biological Laboratory

Jonathan Russell

An LSU Student built a Gulf Hurricane Forecast. He predicts a busy season.

Coastal Environmental Science student Jonathan Russell has developed a Gulf of Mexico specific hurricane forecast.

Louisiana's 2023 Water Crises Examined

Louisiana's 2023 Water Crises Examined

Department of Oceanography & Coastal Sciences faculty members Paul Miller and Matt Hiatt took a closer look at the water crises of 2023 in Louisiana.

the research cruise vessel

A Trip to the Labrador Sea

Oceanography & Coastal Sciences graduate student Matthew Parker took a research cruise to the Laborador Sea last winter to investigate the air-sea gas exchange in cold weather environment

Beyond the Forecast: At LSU, Steve Caparotta Instructs the Next Generation of Coastal Meteorologists

Beyond the Forecast: At LSU, Steve Caparotta Instructs the Next Generation of Coastal Meteorologists

Steve Caparotta, a familiar face on Baton Rouge televisions for over two decades, has taken on a new role at LSU as an instructor, bringing his wealth of real-world meteorological experience to the classroom.

Dr. Thomas Douthat

CC&E Faculty Team up with Colleagues across campus to make an impact with Big Idea Research Grants

This year, the winning projects for the LSU Provost's Big Idea seed grants feature faculty from across the College of the Coast & Environment. They are working on a variety of teams whose interdisciplinary research projects show the potential to make big impacts on Louisiana's coast, agriculture, energy infrastructure and defense. However, varied the research, though, the projects share a common theme: resilience.

Graduation Audience

Congratulations to the Class of Spring 2024!

CC&E is excited to welcome its newest set of alumni!

A healthy marsh

CC&E study finds sea-level rise and weather-related shocks caused marsh die-back

Oceanography & Coastal Sciences Assistant Professor Tracy Quirk and her team found rising sea levels and weather-related shocks to be the causes of Roseau Cane die-back in the Louisiana marsh. Their findings were published in the journal Nature Communications

Clint Willson

LSU Names Clint Willson Dean of the College of the Coast & Environment

CC&E welcomes Clint Willson to a permanent role as dean.

Dr. Ed Laws

"Science could not be better represented" - CC&E's Ed Laws becomes AAAS Fellow

Department of Environmental Sciences Professor Ed Laws has been named a Fellow by the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

Dr. Turner

LSU Boyd Professor R. Eugene Turner Celebrates Retirement

Department of Oceanography & Coastal Sciences professor R. Eugene Turner celebrates his retirement after over four decades of service to the university.

Slawomir Lomnicki

DES' Slawomir Lomnicki and LSU Superfund Research Center receive more than $400K to study air pollution

Environmental Sciences Professor Slawomir Lomnicki and the LSU Superfund Research Center have received $426,808 to study air pollution in Colfax, Louisiana.

university faculty awards logo

Congratulations to CC&E's 2024 University Faculty Award Winners

Aixin Hou and Paul Miller, two faculty members in the Department of Oceanography & Coastal Sciences, have both been named recipients of this year's University Faculty Awards

outdoor class

Happy Earth Day from CC&E

As we celebrate Earth Day today, we're reminded of the importance of our mission. CC&E's work plays a vital role in shaping the next generation of environmental leaders and innovators.

Graduate Student Presenters

Syposium Spotlight Shines on CC&E Research

Graduate students in the Department of Oceanography & Coastal Sciences, the Department of Environmental Sciences, and undergraduates in the Coastal Environmental Sciences major all shared their current research.

Dr. Supratik Mukhopadhyay

Department of Environmental Sciences-Led Team Advances in $11M XPrize Wildfire Competition

Department of Environmental Sciences Professor Supratik Mukhopadhyay and a team of researchers have created an AI tool, DeepFire, that seeks to improve prediction and detection of wildfires.

Assistant Professor Yong-Ha Kim

DES and CES Faculty receive $500,000 to improve treatment of radioactive wastewater

Environmental Sciences Assistant Professor Yong-Ha Kim, along with Environmental Sciences Professor Ed Laws and the Center for Energy Studies' Wei-Hsung Wang, has received a grant from the Nuclear Regulator Commission to study methods for treating radioactive wastewater.

A group of students stand with Ghanians

Spring Break travel offers students a new perspective

Coastal Environmental Science students Sierra Moran and Betsy Cook took two very different trips to Ghana and Panama over Spring Break.

Steve Midway

Surveying to Help the Spotted Seatrout

When spotted seatrout populations along Louisiana's coastline began to decline, Oceanography & Coastal Sciences Associate Professor Steve Midway and an LSU team worked with fisheries managers to survey anglers on potential solutions.

a marsh

CC&E at the 2024 Ocean Sciences Meeting

Faculty, staff and students from the Department of Environmental Sciences and the Department of Oceanography & Coastal Sciences will be attending the 2024 Ocean Sciences Meeting in New Orleans

Kevin Stoner

How to rebuild a wetland

Oceanography & Coastal Sciences Masters student Kevin Stoner is working on research about best practices in restoring Louisiana's wetlands

Outdoor class

DES and SOE Team Up to Address Critical Need for Environmental Science Teachers

CC&E's Department of Environmental Sciences is working with the Lutrill & Pearl Payne to train Louisiana's next generation of environmental science teachers.