2018-19 Scholarships and Awards

LSU Awards


Description Program Recipients

Tiger Twelve

Recognizes full-time LSU seniors with 2.5 GPA that demonstrate commitment to community through scholarship, actions, and contributions CES Brandon Champagne
LSU President’s Alumni Scholar One of the top two scholarships offered at LSU; competitively awarded based on scores, resume, essay, and interviews and provides full cost of attendance for eight semesters CES Allison Benelli
LSU Alumni Association Rising Faculty Recognizes assistant professors with an outstanding record of scholarship and public research CC&E Michael Polito
LSU Discover Scholar Award Campus-wide recognition of outstanding presentation of student research CES

Amanda Fontenot

Madeline LeBlanc


CC&E Awards

CC&E Awards

Description Dept. 2017-18 Recipients
Joseph Lipsey, Sr. Memorial Scholarship Award Recognizes full-time, DOCS graduate students for his/her research, with preference given to those planning to stay in Louisiana after graduation. Generously donated by Richard and Joseph, Jr, in memory of their father, Joseph Lipsey, Sr. DOCS

Sara Ates

Joseph Lipsey, Jr. & Richard A. Lipsey Excellence in Teaching Award

Recognizes DOCS faculty who excel in teaching, mentoring, professional accomplishments, and contributions to the college.

Generously donated by the families of Richard and Joseph Lipsey, Jr.


Crystal Johnson
Richard A. & Joseph Lipsey, Jr. Graduate Student Scholarship Incentive Awards

Attracts top-level graduate students with a 3.0 GPA to CC&E.

Generously donated by the families of Richard and Joseph Lipsey, Jr.


Jeanne Bloomberg

Hanna Dye

Sophie Jurgensen

Bert Turner Memorial Scholarship Recognizes full-time CES students based on merit and financial need.

Generously donated by Moo and Martin Svendson, in memory of Moo’s father, Bert Turner

CES Andrew Armbrust
Dr. Theodore B. “Ted” Ford, III Memorial Fellowship Recognizes full-time graduate students studying and researching marine fisheries with a 3.0 GPA Generously donated by the Ford family, in memory of Ted Ford, LSU professor emeritus in marine sciences, and former Assistant Secretary of the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries DOCS/ENVS Lauris Hollis
Candace Chun Memorial Scholarship

Recognizes full-time undergraduates and ENVS graduate students with a 3.25 GPA. This scholarship is renewable and gives special consideration to women and minorities

Generously donated by Dr. Edward Laws, in memory of his sister-in-law


Alexandria (Lexie) Trajkovski

Lindsey R. Lamana

Natalie R. Martin

Joseph B. Winston

Andrew L. “Drew” Wilbert Memorial Scholarship

Recognizes full-time CES sophomore, junior, or senior with 3.25 GPA.

Generously donated by family and friends, in memory of Drew Wilbert


Emma Carpenter
Coypu Endowed Scholarship in Coastal Environmental Science for Workforce Development

Full-time CES sophomore, junior, or senior with a 3.00 GPA and career intent to respond to societal and environmental needs of coastal regions

Generously donated by the Coypu Foundation


Leah R. Forsyth

John (Jack) N. Green III

Kuniko Fujisaki Honor Award Recognizes outstanding service as an ENVS Graduate Research Assistant in memory of Ms. Kuniko Fujisaki, a long-time ENVS research associate ENVS Xia Guan
Dr. Joseph Martinez Memorial Award Recognizes outstanding graduate student research in environmental sciences in memory of Dr. Joe Martinez, the first director of the Institute for Environmental Studies ENVS Lei Zou
Sustainable Environment Award Recognizes outstanding research thesis that furthers understanding of social and ecological resilience   Michael Layne
Kayne’s Fire Award

Recognizes ENVS teaching assistants who encourages undergraduates’ excitement about science.

Generously donated by Curtis and Kirsten Finley and Dr. Crystal Johnson, in memory of Nathaniel “Kayne” Finley, an LSU student with a passion for science


Grace Cagle
Campanile Award

Attracts top-level undergraduate students

Generously donated by the Campanile Charities, Inc.


Alexandria (Lexie) Trajkovski
CC&E Undergraduate Scholarship Recognizes full-time CES student with 3.0 GPA CES John (Jack) N. Green, III


Megan Miller

Denise Poveda

CC&E Outstanding Faculty Research Award Recognizes tenure-track or tenured faculty for exceptional research and scholarly activities, as evidenced by publications, presentations, and grantsmanship. CC&E Aixin Hou
CC&E Outstanding Research Staff Award Recognizes exceptional performance from research staff CC&E Tommy Blanchard
CC&E Outstanding Student Dissertation Award Recognizes an exceptional Ph.D. dissertation DOCS/ENVS

Lei Zou

Lauris Hollis

CC&E Outstanding Student Thesis Award Recognizes an exceptional M.S. thesis DOCS/ENVS Sarah Wood
CC&E Graduate Student Symposium Award Acknowledges the quality of graduate student scientific presentations DOCS/ENVS

Keith Hernandez (1st)

Kendall Valentine (2nd)

Wokil Bam (3rd)

CC&E Undergraduate Student Poster Symposium: Research Award Acknowledges CES student research projects OCS/ENVS 3999 CES

Amanda Fontenot

CC&E Undergraduate Student Poster Symposium: Capstone Award Recognizes CES students for their capstone research OCS/ENVS 4999 CES

Danielle Laguaite

Rachel Croy

Sydney Renard

Dean’s Outstanding Service Award Recognizes outstanding service  


Tiger Athletic Foundation Awards

Tiger Athletic Foundation Awards

Description Dept. Recipients
Tiger Athletic Foundation Student Scholarship Recognizes full-time CES seniors with 3.30 GPA CES

Rachel L. Croy

Amanda M. Fontenot

Joseph (Joey) B. Winston

Tiger Athletic Foundation Undergraduate Teaching Award   CC&E

Giulio Mariotti

Vincent Wilson

Special Recognition

Special Recognition

Description Dept. Recipients
2018 Karl and Elisabeth Butzer Award for Lifetime Achievement in Paleoenvironmental Change    


Kam-biu Liu

Phi Kappa Phi Non-tenured Faculty Achievement Award    

George Xue

2018 Udall Scholar, the environment category Awards sophomores and juniors for their leadership, public service, and commitment to environmental or Native American matters  

John (Jack) N. Green, III