Bringing Our Skills to the Baseball Field

Photo of Kate Fisher

Senior Kate Fisher, a Georgia native, presented her original case study, Treatment and Management of Thoracic Outlet Syndrome in a Collegiate Baseball Pitcher, on a pitcher who developed a clot in a vein in his armpit that cut off his blood’s ability to leave his arm. Her case study emphasized the dangers of underlying conditions that are typically rare, but can present themselves suddenly and cause severe issues.

Changing the Status Quo

Allie Stevens, a 2015 SLIS graduate, was named a Mover & Shaker Community Builder by the editors of the Library Journal in March. Since being named Director of the Calhoun County Library, Stevens designed and built the library’s new website, created a children’s space, and increased the teen book selection to nearly 1,500 offerings. She also founded the Tiny Library Think Tank, a social media group that includes over 200 librarians in other small/rural areas to give them a space to exchange resources and ideas.

Photo of Allie Stevens

Expanding Early Childhood Research Across the Globe

Photo of Dr. Kip Webster

Fundamental motor skills are an essential component of early childhood development and are related to lifelong physical activity and health behaviors. LSU School of Kinesiology’s Dr. Elizabeth “Kip” Webster is considered a top specialist in physical activity behaviors and motor skill competency in pediatric populations. In November 2017 she will travel to the Czech Republic as a Fulbright Scholar.