Hall of Distinction

Every spring, the college recognizes and celebrates our honorees for the significant contributions they have made to LSU and the extended community. Recipients exemplify the mission of CHSE to address complex human issues and policy decisions facing Louisiana, the nation, and the world through their gifts, talents, and time.

2022 Honorees 

Alumna of Distinction Award

D-D Breaux

School of Kinesiology


Changemaker Award

Carolyn Carter Collins, Jackie Ducote, Carolyn Hargrave, Laura F. Lindsay & Russell Mosely

Changemakers Award


2019 Honorees

Videos for 2019 Hall of Distinction Honorees.



2018 Honorees

Videos for 2018 Hall of Distinction Honorees.



2017 Honorees

Videos for 2017 Hall of Distinction Honorees.



2016 Honorees

Videos for 2016 Hall of Distinction Honorees.



2015 Honorees

Videos for 2015 Hall of Distinction Honorees.



Faculty + Staff Awards

Annually, we celebrate the best and brightest associates of the college who have demonstrated excellence in their respective careers and helped positively impact our college and/or community.

See a list of past recipients.