Lisa Johnson 

Associate Professor, Professional Practice

Bachelor's Degree(s): Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance, Mississippi University for Women, 1982

Master's Degree: Kinesiology, Southeastern Louisiana University, 1997

PhD: Kinesiology, Louisiana State University, 2006

Phone: 225-578-3552


Office: 2226 HPL Field House


Lisa G. Johnson, PhD, EP-C, PES is an Associate Professor of Professional Practice currently serves as the Coordinator of the Exercise Science and Human Performance. Johnson is active professionally, as demonstrated by her numerous presentations at international, national, regional and state conferences. She has published articles in referred journals and served as a guest reviewer for Applied Physiology, Nutrition and Metabolism, and the Journal of Teaching in Physical Education. She also served as the primary investigator and co-coordinator of the GeauxHeart Baton Rouge, a community service grant targeting underserved populations at higher risk for cardiovascular disease in the Greater Baton Rouge area. Johnson has been a member of the Louisiana Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance (LAHPERD) Board of Directors since 1998. She has served as President, Vice President of the General and the Physical Education Divisions, Chair of the Exercise Science and the Higher Education Sections, and the Parliamentarian. She has also served as the Southern District AAHPERD Health Division Vice President, was a member of the Southside YMCA Board of Directors and serves on the Steering Committee for the Mayor’s Healthy Baton Rouge Family Fit Day. Johnson teaches Exercise Testing and Prescription (service-learning course), Introduction to Health Promotion (communication-intensive course), Communicable and Non-Communicable Diseases and coordinates the Fitness Studies internship program. She actively promotes undergraduate research and coordinates community service efforts at local events and facilities such as the Dr. Leo S. Butler Community Center, BREC, YMCA, and Pennington Biomedical Research Center.

Awards & Honors

2017 University Outstanding Service-Learning Faculty Award, Louisiana State University

2017 Health Promotion and Wellness Award, Louisiana Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance

2014 Health Educator of the Year - College/University Award, Louisiana Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance

2014 Undergraduate Teaching Award, Tiger Athletic Foundation, Louisiana State University

2012 Partnership Award, College of Education, Louisiana State University

2012 Service Learning Happy Award, Center for Community Engagement, Learning and Leadership, Louisiana State University

2011 Service Learning Outstanding Faculty, Center for Community Engagement, Learning and Leadership, Louisiana State University

2011 LSU Flagship Faculty, LSU Today

2008 Honor Award, Louisiana Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance

2003 Undergraduate Teaching Award, Tiger Athletic Foundation, Louisiana State University

2000 Undergraduate Teaching Award, Tiger Athletic Foundation, Louisiana State University

Selected Publications

Baker, B., McGregor, A., Johnson, L.G., & Taylor, M. (2017). Summer day camp attendance facilitates some children meeting physical activity recommendations: differences by gender and weight status. J Appl Behav Res.

Johnson, L.G., & Baker, B.L (2015). Implementing service-learning through community-based fitness programs. Kinesiology Review, 4(4):398-402.

Daray, L.A., Henagan, T.M., Zanovec, M., Earnest, C.P., Johnson, L.G., Winchester, J., Tuuri, G., & Stewart, L.K. (2011). Endurance and resistance training lowers C-reactive protein in young, healthy females. Appl Physiol Nutr Metab. 36(5):660-70.

Zanovec, M., Johnson, L. G., Marx, B. D., Keenan, M. J., & Tuuri, G. (2009). Self-reported physical activity improves prediction of body fatness in young adults. Med Sci Sports Exerc 41: 328-335.

Zanovec, M., Lakkakula, P., Johnson, L.G., & Tuuri, G. (2009). Physical activity is associated with percent body fat and body composition but not BMI in white and black college students," International Journal of Exercise Science, 2:175-185. 

Bryan, C. L., Solmon, M. A., Johnson, L. G., & Lee, A. M. (2008). Children’s perceptions of physical fitness and physical activities. Southeastern Teacher Education Journal.

Acevedo E.O., Kraemer R.R., Kamimori G.H., Durand R.J., Johnson L.G., & Castracane, V.D. (2007). Stress hormones, effort sense, and perceptions of stress during incremental exercise: an exploratory investigation. Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, 21, 283-238.

Kraemer, R.R, Durand, R.J., Acevedo, E.O., Johnson, L.G., Kraemer, G.R., Hebert, E.P., & Castracane, V.D. (2004). Rigorous running increases growth hormone and insulin-like growth factor-I without altering ghrelin. Experimental Biology and Medicine, 229, 240-246

Kraemer, R.R., Durand, R.J., Acevedo, E.O., Johnson, L.G., Synovitz, L.B., Kraemer, G.R., Gimpel, T., & Castracane, V.D. (2003). Effects of high-intensity exercise on leptin and testosterone concentrations in well-trained males. Endocrine, 21, 261-265. 

Kraemer, R.R., Aboudehen, K.S., Carruth, A.K., Durand, R.T., Acevedo, E.O., Hebert, E.P., Johnson L.G., & Castracane, V.D. (2003). Adiponectin responses to continuous and progressively intense intermittent exercise. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, 35, 1320-1325.

Johnson, L.G., Kraemer, R.R., Kraemer, G.R., Haltom, R.W., Cordill, A.E., Welsch, M.A., Durand, RJ, & Castracane VD. (2002). Substrate utilization during exercise in postmenopausal women on hormone replacement. European Journal of Applied Physiology, 88, 282-287.

Selected Presentations

Johnson, L.G. (2020, February). Incorporating Communication-Intensive Components Into Your Health Promotion Courses. Presented at the Health and Physical Literacy Summit, Birmingham, AL.

Townsend, T. & Johnson, L.G. (2017, January). Sensational Seniors Fitness Program. Presented at the annual meeting of the Southern District SHAPE America Conference, Baton Rouge, LA. 

Johnson, L.G. & Beasley, E. (2016, February). Addressing Public Health Issues through Community Based Physical Activity. To be presented at the 2016 SHAPE America Southern District Convention, Williamsburg, VA.

Beasley, E. & Johnson, L.G. (2015, February). The Future Professional’s Google Map to Internships: Get Ready for a Road Trip. Presented at the 2015 SDAAHPERD Convention in Atlanta, GA.

Johnson, L.G. (2015, January). Implementing Service Learning Through A Community-Based Fitness Program. Presented at the American Kinesiology Association Annual Meeting, Charlotte, NC.

Baker, B. & Johnson, L.G. (2015, March). Physical Activity Differences among Children Attending a Summer Day Camp. Presented at the Research Program of the 2015 SHAPE America National Convention and Exposition in Seattle, WA.

Solmon, M. & Johnson, L.G. (2012). Making Schools and Communities Healthy Spaces: Using Research Evidence to Promote Physical Education and Physical Activity. Presented at the Southern District AAHPERD Convention, Orlando, FL.

Johnson, L.G., Castle, R., Daray, L., McGregor, A., Cargo, C., Thibodaux, J., Ray D., Gremillion, S., Waits, T. (2011, January). GeauxHeart Baton Rouge: Implementing Internships And Service Learning Through A Community Service Research Grant Targeting At-Risk Populations. Paper presented at the Hawaii International Conference on Education, Honolulu, HI

Castle, R., Johnson, L.G., Ray D., Gremillion, S., Daray, L., McGregor, A., Dailey, D. (2011, January). GeauxHeart Baton Rouge: Impacting At-Risk Cardiovascular Populations Through Community And Faith-Based Centers. Paper presented at the Hawaii International Conference on Education, Honolulu, HI.

Daray, L., Henegan, T., Zanovec, M., Earnest, C., Johnson, L.G., Winchester, J.B., Tuuri, G., & Stewart, L.K. (2010, April). An evaluation of endurance and combined endurance and resistance training on fitness and C-reactive protein. Paper presented at the Experimental Biology annual meeting, Anaheim, CA.

Selected Grants/Funded Projects

Johnson, L.G., Castle, R., Stone, D. & Solmon, M. (2008). GeauxHeart Baton Rouge, Vanguard Charitable Endowment Fund - Edwards Lifesciences Strategic Grant.  $99,902 -- funded $50,000.