Physical Activity and Health Concentration 

Program Description

The Physical Activity and Health concentration lays a foundation in Kinesiology and is designed for students interested in areas of study such as physical activity behaviors, community health and wellness, mental health, drug and alcohol education, global health, healthy lifestyles, health advocacy, social determinants of health, and special populations. This concentration is unique in that it offers a wide range of approved electives permitting students to develop a program according to needs and interests.

Upon graduation, students may seek employment in these possible settings:

Government agencies (local, state, regional, or federal)
Health communications
Hospitals and clinics
Non-Profit health organizations (e.g., American Heart Association)
Medical sales
Volunteer agencies

Admission Requirements

Admission into the School of Kinesiology undergraduate program requires a 2.5 GPA and completion with a C or better in English 1001, Math 1021, Math 1022, Biology 1201 and 1202.

8 semester plan for Physical Activity and Health