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The college is home to centers and institutes that improve quality of life across the lifespan. Our research, whether it's educating the next generation, counseling a family, addressing aging, or affecting organizational change, impacts lives. Our research aims to solve the critical problems that face our state, nation, and world.

  • The Life Course and Aging Center promotes healthy development and aging across the lifespan.

  • The Leadership Development Institute broadens access to leadership and is focused on the study, creation, and evaluation of mechanisms for making leadership accessible to people, institutions, and communities.

  • The Office of Social Research & Evaluation Center implements and evaluates data-driven social programs that positively impact the community.

  • The Early Childhood Education Institute conducts research, disseminates recommended practices, and advocates for children age birth to 3 years. 
  • The college provides comprehensive, administrative grant support through the Office of Sponsored Research for associated faculty.


Office of Sponsored Program Accounting

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Arend Van Gemmert
Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Studies
Director, Life Course & Aging Center



Leslie Blanchard
Director, Leadership Development Institute



Judith Rhodes
Director, Social Research & Evaluation Center



Cynthia DiCarlo
Director, Early Childhood Education Institute