Graduate Areas of Study

Thank you for your interest in our Graduate degree programs. Explore our comprehensive Master's program that equips students with essential skills and knowledge, or delve into our rigorous doctoral program that fosters cutting-edge research and expertise in  LHRD.

Master's Programs

Unlocking Opportunities

Receiving a Master's degree in Leadership & Human Resource Development (LHRD) opens up a world of exciting and diverse career opportunities.

Graduates are well-prepared to pursue leadership positions in various sectors, including corporate HR departments, consulting firms, nonprofit organizations, and government agencies. They can excel as HR managers, training and development specialists, organizational development consultants, talent acquisition professionals, and HR business partners, among other roles.


Graduate Minor

Forge Your Global Leadership Path

As businesses and organizations increasingly transcend borders, the demand for adept leaders in navigating this global terrain has never been more crucial. This unique academic opportunity not only equips you with the skills to thrive in the international arena but also offers a specialized focus on Human Resource Development, preparing you to shape the future of leadership in a globally integrated economy. 

Graduate Minor in Global Leadership


Doctoral Program

Shaping the Future

Individuals who earn a Doctoral degree in LHRD often pursue careers in academia, becoming esteemed professors, researchers, or policy advisors, contributing to the advancement of HRD theory, conducting groundbreaking research, and shaping the future of the field.

phd in leadership & Human resource development