Recent Scholarly Work

Continued research in Human Resource Development (HRD) plays a pivotal role in advancing knowledge and driving innovation in this critical area of study.

As experts in the field, our faculty have the unique opportunity to delve into complex HRD issues, explore new theories, and conduct rigorous empirical research.


Current Research

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Organizational Culture

Dr. Sunyoung Park's research is currently working on 4 research projects to align with her research streams (organizational culture and behavior, learning and performance, and research trends in the field).

One project examines the role of organizational culture in sexual harassment and work–family conflict of female employees.

In the second project, she summarizes the general and specific components of 11 instruments to measure meaningful work. In addition, she identifies the main themes in high-performance work systems research by analyzing more than 700 articles. In the last project, she is conducting a review to track research on diversity, equity, and inclusion in management for 45 years.  

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Diverse Work Teams

Dr. Tyree Mitchell's research is currently focused on interventions to improve outcomes for diverse work teams. For example, one project involves developing and testing an intervention to improve leadership outcomes for racial minorities in self-managing teams.

In a separate project, he is developing and testing an intervention that is designed to reduce team conflict and improve team performance for work teams high in surface-level diversity (gender and racial diversity).

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Global Leadership

Dr. Oliver Crocco’s research focuses on international human resource development, adult development and critical reflection, and global leadership in educational and work contexts. In particular, he is interested in exploring the intersection of these areas with coastal and environmental issues.

His recent book, Developing Human Resources in Southeast Asia, explores the regional HRD ecosystem in Southeast Asia. 


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Emotion Management 

Using daily diary methodology, Dr. Richard is currently researching leader-facilitated emotion management with the goal of understanding the process through which leaders attempt to influence their followers’ emotional states. She is examining the extent to which strategies for influencing follower emotion vary based on situational factors like leader goals and the type of emotion experienced by the follower. 

Dr. Richard is also examining the prevalence of, and experiences related to, Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Dyslexia, and other forms of Neurodiversity in today’s workforce. For example, she is examining links between employee’s neuro-distinct identities and the experience of workplace inclusion.   

Dr. Richard is currently conducting a systematic review of workplace emotion regulation interventions with the goal of summarizing the effectiveness of such interventions and providing a roadmap for future research in this area.

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Faculty Books

SLHRD faculty's contributions not only expand the theoretical foundation of HRD but also provide practical insights that can inform organizational practices and policies.

Through their research & publications, they can identify emerging trends, analyze the impact of technological advancements on the workforce, and address the evolving needs of organizations and employees.

Empowering Organizations and Shaping the Future

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Developing human resources in Southeast Asia: A holistic framework for the ASEAN Community

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The Strategic Networker: A Learner's Guide to Effective Networking

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The Adult Learner: The Definitive Classic in Adult Education and Human Resource Development 9th Edition

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Searching for Trust in the Global Economy

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Selected Publications

Nguyen, L. A., Crocco, O. S., Tkachenko, O., & Jonathan, V. (2022). Crisis leadership during COVID-19: The response of ASEAN and EU regional leaders. Human Resource Development International, 25(3), 381–389.

Tkachenko, O., Crocco, O. S., Nguyen, L. A., & Jonathan, V. (2022). Regional human resource development in ASEAN: An institutional theory perspective. Human Resource Development Review, 21(2), 225–248.

Matey, N., Sleiman, A., Nastasi, J., Richard, E. M., & Gravina, N. (2021). Varying Reactions to Feedback and their Effects on Observer Accuracy and Attrition. Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis, 54(3),1188-1198.

Robinson, P. A., & Scott, J. (2021). Immigrants and the politics of belonging: Learning in the shadows. New Directions for Adult and Continuing Education. 2021(170), 33- 43.

Selected Presentations

Crocco, O. S., & Alanzy, A. (2022, June 8–10). The Gulf Cooperation Council and regional human resource development: An institutional theory perspective. The 21st International Conference on Human Resource Development and Practice across Europe, Sheffield, England

Crocco, O. S., & Hajjami, O. (2022, April 19–22). The role of training in regional integration in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations. Academy of Human Resource Development 29th International Research Conference in the Americas, Online.

Hajjami, O., & Crocco, O. S. (2022, April 19–22). Employee engagement in times of COVID-19: Factors and strategies. Academy of Human Resource Development 29th International Research Conference in the Americas, Online.

Korduner, M. & Coats, A. (2023). Navigating the Faculty Advising Experience. NACADA Region 7 Conference in Oklahoma City, OK.

Korduner, M. (2023). Building Community in an Online Program. NACADA Region 7 Conference in Oklahoma City, OK.

Korduner, M. (2022). Leadership Development: Building Your Plan for Success. American Association for Adult Learning and Continuing Education Conference in Milwaukee WI.

Robinson, P. A., & Robinson, Z. Z. (2020, October 27-30). Memes and messaging: Using social media tools for promoting critical literacy skills [Paper presentation]. The American Association of Adult and Continuing Education 2020 Virtual Conference.

Stojanović, M., & Robinson, P. A. (2020, October 27-30). Interculturality and intercultural communication: Non-native English-speaking faculty members’ experiences in an English-speaking environment [Paper presentation]. The American Association of Adult and Continuing Education 2020 Virtual Conference.