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The School of Leadership & Human Resource Development is dedicated to providing an environment where every student has the opportunity to thrive and succeed. We understand that the journey through higher education can be challenging, which is why we are committed to guiding and supporting our students every step of the way. 
Our experienced faculty and staff are passionate about teaching and mentoring, and they are always ready to provide personalized guidance to help students reach their academic and personal goals. We believe in the power of education to transform lives, and we are fully prepared to assist our students in their pursuit of success.

General Information

SLHRD Graduate Programs Coordinator & Advisors

Masters Program (on campus & online)

General Inquiries, Advising, or Admission Questions

Missy Korduner, Ph.D., SLHRD MS Programs Coordinator
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Enrollment Support

Melissa Turnage, Academic Program Manager
(225) 578-2710 |

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Doctoral Program

General Inquiries & Research Information

SLHRD Research Faculty

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Advising or Admission Questions

Oliver Crocco, EdD., Doctoral Program Coordinator

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Financial Assistance


Scholarships play a crucial role in enabling students to pursue their educational dreams and unlock their full potential. These financial awards provide opportunities for students who may face financial barriers to access higher education. Scholarships not only alleviate the burden of tuition fees but also allow students to focus on their studies and engage in extracurricular activities. By reducing financial constraints, scholarships empower students to pursue their desired fields of study, explore new areas of interest, and participate in research or internships. Moreover, scholarships foster diversity and inclusivity, as they enable students from diverse backgrounds to access education and contribute their unique perspectives to the academic community. Ultimately, scholarships help create a more equitable society by ensuring that talented individuals have the means to achieve their educational goals and make a positive impact in their communities and beyond.

Currently, LSU Online students are not eligible for Scholarships & Fellowships.


There are many reasons to become a graduate assistant, not the least of which is that an assistantship will provide necessary financial support for your education. In exchange for service, an assistantship provides a monthly stipend and a non-resident fee waiver. Some assistantships include full tuition exemption. 

Currently, LSU Online students are not eligible for Assistantship positions.


Dissertation Support

Dissertation financial support plays a critical role in facilitating the successful completion of a doctoral dissertation. It helps alleviate financial burdens and allows students to fully dedicate their time and energy to their research. Financial support for dissertations often covers various aspects, such as research expenses, travel for data collection, and access to specialized resources or archives. This assistance enables students to conduct rigorous and comprehensive research, ensuring the production of high-quality dissertations that contribute to their field of study.

Travel Support

Funding graduate student research travel is of paramount importance in the realm of academic and scientific advancement. It enables students to engage in critical fieldwork, gather firsthand data, and collaborate with experts in their respective fields. By providing financial support for research travel, institutions and organizations empower graduate students to explore new environments, cultures, and perspectives, enriching their educational experience.

Currently, LSU Online students are not eligible for Travel support funds/grants. 


Before You Book

To utilize University funds (grants, gifts, awards, etc.), travel arrangements MUST adhere to University Travel Policies. Familiarize yourself with the policies and procedures prior to booking your travel. Your supervising unit's Business Manager can assist with travel booking, spend authorizations, and expense reporting. 

Professional Memberships

Graduate students holding professional memberships in organizations is of great importance in their academic and professional development. These memberships offer numerous benefits, including access to valuable resources, networking opportunities, and career-enhancing experiences. Professional memberships provide graduate students with access to specialized journals, publications, and research databases, which can greatly support their studies and research endeavors. By staying updated with the latest developments in their field, students can expand their knowledge and gain a competitive edge in their academic pursuits.

Listed below are organizations that our SLHRD faculty currently hold memberships in. Membership into these organizations are not mandatory, but are encouraged.    


Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page tailored specifically for graduate students. Here, you'll find answers to common queries that arise during your journey as a graduate student. Whether you're seeking guidance on funding opportunities, navigating the research process, or exploring career prospects, we're here to provide you with the information you need. Our goal is to support your academic and professional growth, ensuring a successful and rewarding graduate experience. Browse through our FAQs to find helpful insights and solutions to the questions that matter most to you.

One such support area for research is the LSU Libraries. 

Mitch Fontenot, Humanities and Social Sciences/Outreach Librarian, is responsible for the areas of psychology, sociology, communication sciences and disorders, communication studies and leadership and human resource development, as well as outreach to special groups, research, and instruction service.

For information pertaining to database access at LSU Libraries for Leadership and HRD research, please review the instructional video below. 

Graduate Assistantship with LHRD are currently reserved for students enrolled in the doctoral program. As a new student, you application and supporting materials must be submitted by January 15th. 

However, a number of graduate assistantships are available across campus and departments.  Students are encouraged to review Handshake and the Graduate School website for available assistantships.

You may also reach out to individual departments for potential availability.  Most graduate assistantships post the Spring semester prior to the start of the next academic year.

Students enrolled in the LSU Online program are not eligible for assistantships or scholarships at this time.

Scholarship information can be found HERE

At this time, athletics scholarships can only be used with our on campus degree programs.

LSU offers a number of student organizations for students to gain experiences outside the classroom. A listing of currently registered student organizations is available HERE

Masters Program Questions

The MS degrees can be completed in a minimum 12 months and the graduate certificate in workforce development can be completed in 10 months (depending on when a student enters the certificate program).

The two MS degrees are 12 courses while the Graduate Certificate in Workforce Development is 6 courses.