Coursework and internships in Child and Family Studies prepare you for graduate-level study. Possible programs to consider include:

  • human development and family studies
  • marriage and family therapy
  • social work
  • counseling
  • early childhood education
  • family law
  • other fields focused on children and families

Students majoring in Child and Family Studies have a wide variety of entry level jobs and careers available to them.  Some of these include:

  • Business, Consumer & Family Resources Services
    Employee Assistance programs, Corporate Day Cares, Consumer Protection Agencies, Family Financial Counseling & Planning Agencies, Food Assistance Programs, Research positions
  • Community-Based Social Services
    Youth Development Programs, Adoption Agencies, Foster Care Programs, Teen Pregnancy Services, Welfare Assistance, Vocational Rehabilitation & Job Training, Adult Day Care, Gerontology and Long-Term Care Programs
  • Early Childhood Education
    Day Care Centers, Head Start Programs, Montessori Schools, Child Development Organizations
  • Education
    Public School Teaching in Family & Consumer Sciences with state licensure, University Teaching, Family Science Research, Family Life Education, Sexuality Education, Parenting Education, Marriage & Family Enrichment Programs, Curriculum Development, community education
  • Faith-Based Organizations
    Ministry, Family Life Education, Parenting Education, Youth Programs
  • Family Intervention
    Individual & Family Therapy Support Services, Crisis & Hotline Services, Divorce Mediation, Abuse Protection Services, Drug & Alcohol Prevention Programs, Residential Treatment Programs
  • Government & Public Policy
    Family Policy Analysis, Child Welfare Advocacy, Cooperative Extension Specialist, Military Family Support Services, Departments of Child & Family Services, Parent Coordination
  • Health Care & Family Wellness
    Public Health Programs & Services, Hospital Based Family Support, Nutrition Education, Prenatal and Maternity Services, Holistic Health Centers, Long-Term Care Settings, Hospice Programs
  • International Education & Development
    International Family Policy, Peace Corps and NGO Leadership, Global Family Planning Programs, International Human Rights Advocacy, Immigration & Migrant Families Services
  • Research
    Grant Proposal Writing, Academic and Government Research in Family Science, Population Studies & Demographic Research, Community-Based Research for Non-Profit Family Agencies, Program Evaluation & Assessment
  • Writing & Communication
    Curriculum & Resource Development in Family Life Education, Media and Technology Settings, Newspaper & Magazine Writing
  • National Council on Family Relations. (2009). Careers in Family Science. Minneapolis, MN: Author.




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