Website Update Process

The four primary College websites are enormous in both scale and importance for our institution, acting as centralized resources for prospective students, current students, faculty, event patrons, alumni, donors, and more.

We recognize the shifting needs of our institution require a robust process for submitting changes or updates to the appropriate staff for handling. This page provides an overview of our website management process and how to approach different needs and requests.

Please note that the websites not only serve many stakeholders, but are also subject to university rules and federal accessibility regulations. While we make every effort to accommodate reasonable requests, there may be university-related, technical, or legal reasons as to why we cannot implement a particular request.


Types of Requests

Timeframe: As-needed.
Submission Method: Website Update Request Form

Basic updates to existing pages or content, such as a revised faculty biography, changed audition requirements, etc. can be submitted at any time. These updates are are addressed in the order they are received; usually they will be processed within 1-3 business days of receipt.

Timeframe: Varies, but the larger the scope, the more likely it will need to wait for a large period of downtime such as the Winter Holiday, Summer Semester, etc.
Submission Method: Email appropriate staff.

For large requests which will require new construction, such as building out a new area of the website or undertaking significant layout revisions, it is best to contact staff directly to establish a more thorough understanding of the scope and purpose of the project. You may still be asked to fill out the Website Update Request Form to help document the request and provide materials.

Projects may be referred to other staff and administrators for review depending on the scope and purpose of the project. Staff and administrators reserve the right to modify the project scope or decline to implement the project if it does not align with institutional goals.

Timeframe: Varies.
Submission Method: Email appropriate staff.

If a form is malfunctioning or behaving in an unexpected way, please document the issue (screenshots, explanation of what steps you took prior to the issue) and email the appropriate staff member directly as soon as possible.

NOTE: The use of Google Forms is prohibited by the university.

There are two form systems in the College: Formstack and Microsoft Forms.

  • Creation of new forms in Formstack is subject to staff and potentially administrative approval. Formstack forms are generally reserved for broader institutional needs rather than individual faculty.
  • Faculty have direct access to Microsoft Forms for more individualized or small-scale needs.

Get Started

Once you have read and understand the processes laid out above, start your request by either submitting the Website Update Request Form or emailing the appropriate staff, shown below.



Website Staff

cullen sadler



Responsible for:
College Website
School of Music Website
Dept. of Bands Website

vastine stabler


Managing Artistic

Responsible for:
School of Theatre Website
Swine Palace Website
Theatre Forms

zachary hazelwood


Director of

Responsible for:
College Forms
Music Forms