Operating Systems program

Written by Corinna Schulenburg

Directed by Candy McLellan

Set Designer | Tara A Houston
Lighting Designer | C. Archer Touchet
Costume Designer | Kyla Kazuschyk
Sound Designer | Tyler Kieffer
Properties | John Michael Eddy
Stage Manager | Jenna Thiel

Dani | Carlos Joy 
Benita | Ladonna Ouedraogo 
Stephen | Adam Seeholzer 
Bel | Alana Stephens 
Jake | Austin Ventura 

Production Manager/Technical Director | James L. Murphy
Scene Shop Supervisor | Chris Wood
Costume Shop Supervisor | Kyla Kazuschyk
Assistant Costume Designer | Amara Copeland
Assistant Set Designer | Michael Byrd
Assistant Stage Managers | Gabrielle R Montagnino, Caitlyn Gilliam
Vocal Coach | Rockford Sansom
Intimacy Choreographer | Kyra Smith

Front of House Coordinator | Aaron Wood
Box Office Manager | Bea Cole
School of Theatre Chair | Kristin Sosnowsky
Managing Artistic Director | Vastine Stabler

Corinna Schulenburg

Corinna is the Director of Communications with the Theatre Communications Group.
Corinna supports TCG's communications efforts, convening programming, and Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Initiative. Highlights from her work with TCG include project managing SHINSAI: Theaters for Japan, curating the Artistic Innovation and Financial Adaptation arcs at the 2013 National Conference in Dallas, co-creating the At the Intersections arc at the 2015 National Conference in Dallas, contributing to TCG's Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Institute and internal Workgroup, and collaborating on TCG Circle blog salons with Chantal Bilodeua, Jacqueline E. Lawton, Caridad Svich, and others. She served as co-board president for the Network of Ensemble Theaters, and is a Creative Partner of Flux Theatre Ensemble. Corinna's recent work with Flux includes co-producing #SpeakUp, a night of plays against street harassment; Breathe Free, an immigrant rights theatre action in support of New Sanctuary Coalition, and the launch of Flux's Living Ticket and Open Book programs.

Faculty and Staff

Jeremy Bernardoni | Assistant Professor (Costume Design) 
Joe Chrest | Adjunct (Film and TV) Sonya Cooke | Assistant Professor (Acting; Head, Undergraduate Performance) 
Bea Cole | Office Coordinator, Box Office Manager
John Michael Eddy | Professional-in-Residence (Properties) 
Nick Erickson | Associate Professor (Movement; Head, M.F.A. Acting)
Femi Euba | Louise & Kenneth Kinney Professor (Black Drama and Playwriting)
Melissa Fay | Theatre Business Manager
John Fletcher | Billy J. Harbin Associate Professor (Theatre History)
Tara A Houston | Associate Dean of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, Assistant Professor (Scene Design) 
George Judy | Gresdna A. Doty Professor (Acting and Directing) 
Kyla Kazuschyk | Associate Professor (Costume Technology)
James L. Murphy | Professor (Technology; Production Manager; Head, M.F.A. Technology/Design) 
Susan Perlis | (Co-Head Dance)
Isaac Pletcher | Assistant Professor (Film and TV)
Claudio Ribeiro | (Co-Head Dance)
Rockford Sansom | Assistant Professor (Voice) 
Alan Sikes | Associate Professor (Literature, Theory, and Criticism)
Amy Smith | Assistant Dean, Office of Student Success
Kristin Sosnowsky | Interim Dean CMDA, Department Chair, Professor (Arts Administration; Producer, Swine Palace) 
Vastine Stabler | Managing Artistic Director 
C. Archer Touchet | Instructor of Entertainment Lighting and Media Production Shannon Walsh
Associate Professor (Theatre History: Head, Ph.D. Program) 
Chris Wood | Professional-in-Residence (Scene Shop Supervisor) 

M.F.A. Acting Program Head | Nick Erickson
Students | Alana Johnson, Justin Newell, LaDonna Ouedraogo, 
Carolina Queiroz Couto, Adam Seeholzer, Douglas Streater, Alice Wilkinson 
M.F.A. Technical Design Program Head | James L. Murphy
Students | Amara Copeland, Bethany Sassen 
Ph.D. Program Head | John Fletcher
Students | Rachel Aker, Simi Fadirepo, Lucy Knight, Heyjin Kwon, Rowan Jalso,
Dori Leeman, Ben Munise, Katie Morris, Sarah Nanusbuga, Kyra Smith, Taren Wilson, Aaron Wood