Brand Templates

For Use by LSU Faculty and Staff

Brand templates are made available to LSU faculty and staff in two formats: Adobe InDesign files or Design Conductor. Both formats require login to MyLSU for access.

Design Conductor

Design Conductor is a web-based templating tool that allows you to customize copy and imagery without the need of design software. The templates are preformatted and easy to use. 

Login to Design Conductor

Design Conductor FAQs

All LSU faculty and staff members are able to access Design Conductor by clicking on the link and logging into myLSU. Student MyLSU logins do not have access.

At this time, we do not have a mechanism for students to login to Design Conductor. 

No. The templates in Design Conductor are brand compliant and we do not need to review documents generated from the tool. While there is spell check and some formatting control, the copy cannot be regulated for brand compliance by Design Conductor. However, we encourage you to review the copywriting and persona sections in the LSU brand guide for direction and adherence to LSU editorial guidelines.

Yes. Supervisors and communications leaders on campus are allowed and encouraged to support the LSU brand by reviewing and providing feedback on all documents created within their units, including those generated by Design Conductor.

It is possible to set up departmental templates or templates for an event where you want to coordinate the formatting of handouts like a conference. The time needed for design of the document and building of the template in Design Conductor will vary based on the scope and complexity of the project. Contact Jewel Hampton at to discuss your project in detail.

We have plans to expand the templates offered in design conductor. If you have an idea for additional templates, please email and let us know your idea. You can see a punch list of upcoming additions to Design Conductor in LSU Box Notes.

Design Conductor Instructional Videos

Business System Templates

Below are MS Word templates for digital business system items.

PowerPoint and Poster Templates

Below are branded PowerPoint and Poster templates for download for official university use.

InDesign Templates

Use the buttons below to download branded InDesign templates. Because the use of InDesign allows for significant editing of the files, all documents generated from these InDesign templates must come through for review. Reviews take a minimum of two to three business days. Typically, documents based on these templates are approved quickly.

Digital Newsletter


Mock up

Postcard 11x6

For Print Only

Tri-Fold 11x8

For Print Only

Flyer Templates

Poster 11x17 Templates

Poster 18x24 Templates