Coastal Morphodynamics

The Coastal Morphodynamics Laboratory (CML) was founded in 1991 to facilitate graduate student and faculty research in coastal morphodynamics. The CML offers a wide range of state-of-the-art field, laboratory equipment and computers for research in coastal processes including ocean observing, wave hydrodynamics, hurricane impacts, sediment transport, beach and nearshore profile measurements, Geographic Information, mapping, database, and sedimentology. CML houses a wave tank with a fully automated wave generator. It also has a wide array of instrumentation customized for hydrodynamics and sediment transport filed experiments, and a Total Station laser beach profiler. Computing platforms include IBM mainframe, Compaq Servers, Dell workstations, HP large format plotter and scanner. CML interfaces with a field support group through the Coastal Studies Institute at LSU.


photo: longshore

Breaker wave heights and net longshore transport rates for the Derniers and Timbalier Islands.

photo: wavetank

Sugarcane Fibrous Mat Research.