Recent Funding

  • "Memory Forensics-Guided Execution Reconstruction for Android Devices," co-PI (with Aisha Ali-Gombe, Abe Baggili, Umar Farooq), CINA / Department of Homeland Security (DHS), $500K, 2024-2026. 
  • "Adding STIX Support to the Volatility Memory Forensics Framework,” PI (with PI Aisha Ali-Gombe, Abe Baggili), CINA / Department of Homeland Security (DHS), $500K, 2024-2026. 
  • "LSU Cyber Clinic for Small Businesses," National Security Agency, co-Pi (with PI Aisha Ali-Gombe, Co-PIs  Anas Mahmoud, Scott Sullivan, Glenn Sumners, Rudy Hirschheim, Helmut Schneider, Greg Trahan, Andrew Case), $1.5M, 2023-2025.
  • "FIREStarter 2: Developing Cyber Talent with Hands-on Experiences in Digital Forensics and Industrial Control Systems," Cybersecurity Education Management Council (CEMC) / Board of Regents of Louisiana, PI (with G. Baumgartner, J. Moreno, F. Alegre, D. Miller, N. Mahmoud of LSU), $344,397 (+ $100,000 industrial partner match), 2022-2023.
  • "POSE: Phase I: Constellation: A Pathway to Establish the STE||AR Open-Source Organization," National Science Foundation, co-PI (with M. Tohid, H. Kaiser, P. Diehl of LSU), $300,000, 2022-2023.
  • "Forensic and Incident Response Environment – FIREStarter: A Practical and Integrated Approach to Cyber Talent Development," Cybersecurity Education Management Council (CEMC) / Louisiana Board of Regents, PI: Golden G. Richard III, 2021-2022, $185,911.
  • "SFS: CyberCorps Scholarships for Service at Louisiana State University," National Science Foundation, PI: Golden G. Richard III (with many collaborators from LSU Engineering and ISDS), 2020-2024, $3,358,221.
  • "SaTC: CORE: Medium: Robust Memory Forensics Techniques for Userland Malware Analysis," National Science Foundation, PI: Golden G. Richard III (with Andrew Case of the Volatility Foundation), 2017-2020, $1,113,426.
  • "Introducing Active Learning to Malware Analysis Curricula," National Security Agency, PI: Golden G. Richard III (with Aisha Ali-Gombe of Towson University), 2018, $220,643.