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Food Processing and Engineering Lab



NFS 7030
Advanced Food Engineering

Course Syllabus - Fall 2011

Instructor: Subramaniam Sathivel, Ph.D.
Room 220 Ingram Hall
Phone: 225 578 0614
e-mail: ssathivel@agcenter.edu.lsu
Office hours: Monday and Thurs 8:30 AM-9:00 AM or by appointment
Credit hours: 3
Meeting Schedule: Friday: 8 AM-11AM
The objectives of the advanced food engineering course:
  • To familiarize with major pilot plant equipment for the conduct of proposed research.
  • A food engineering-related research project will be identified by students. The instructor will need to approve your research project.

This course provides students with necessary knowledge to understand food engineering principles by applying the concepts to design food plant and food processing systems.

Timeline for assignment
  • Aug 26th-Description of research topic
  • Sep 16th-literature review
  • Sep 23rd-Project proposal with justification and method and materials
  • Oct 14th-Preliminary results, summarized, and interpreted
  • Nov 18th-First draft of the project
  • Dec 5th -Final written report

Grading Policy:

Written project report 80 %
Pilot plan and lab activities 20 %

Grade will be based on the following scale: A: 90-100%, B: 80-90%, C: 70-79, D: 60-69%, F: below 60%.

Class Format: The format will include discussions, problem solving, and information gathering, and analyses and interpretation of the research project.

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