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Prospective Students

The School of Nutrition and Food Sciences offers undergraduate and graduate programs to prepare students for professional careers in specialty areas. The undergraduate curriculum in Nutrition and Food Sciences consolidates the curricula in the areas of Nutritional Sciences and Food Science and Technology. Students in this curriculum take core courses that provide basic knowledge required for specialization in one of four areas of concentration (AoCs): Dietetics; Nutritional Sciences/Pre-Medical; Nutrition, Health and Society; and Food Science and Technology (with a Pre-Medical option). Each concentration provides the student with a professional sequence in an area of specialization, the necessary supporting courses in basic sciences and a broad general education. Students who enter this major should give special attention to the mathematics and science courses they select and should consult with an advisor when registering for these courses. Students must be ready for the required courses when they enter the program. Graduates are prepared to pursue professional careers in dietetics, medicine, public health, cooperative extension service, business, education, research, and all aspects of the food industry.

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For More Information on any of our programs, Contact:

Food Science:
Dr. Joan M. King (jking@agcenter.lsu.edu)

Dietetics or Nutrition:
Dr. Erin McKinley (emckinley@agcenter.lsu.edu)

Undergraduate program:
Dr. Georgianna Tuuri, (GTuuri@agcenter.lsu.edu) Undergraduate program

Graduate program:
Dr. Erin McKinley (emckinley@agcenter.lsu.edu) Graduate program

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