Financial Aid for Graduate Students

General Financial Aid Information

Financial assistance is available to well-qualified students through the department or other units in the form of research or teaching assistantships and/or fellowships and is awarded at the discretion of the department graduate admissions committee following the complete evaluation of the student’s application record. To ensure consideration for financial aid, all application materials should be submitted in accordance with deadlines established by the LSU Graduate School and the department. Students desiring financial support should apply early, have all requested documents sent to the department, and fully communicate their own status and needs. All assistantships and fellowships include a full tuition waiver and a waiver of nonresident fees provided by the Graduate School. Students are still responsible for other university fees; these fees can be found in the fee schedule listings on the Office of Budget & Planning website.

Research & Teaching Assistantships

Assistantships of $22,000 per year are available for MS students, with a duration of appointment of 21 months. Assistantships for PhD students start at $30,667, with a duration of appointment of five years. Increases to assistantships are made periodically to reflect increases in university fees and cost of living expenses. These increases are made for incoming and existing students.

The Graduate School website contains the rules regulating graduate assistantships.

Fellowships & Other Financial Awards

Additional information about financial aid is available on both the Graduate School and College of Engineering websites.