Undergraduate Advising


Every student in the Cain Department of Chemical Engineering is required to meet with a faculty advisor at least once every semester before registering for the following semester. This individual will be a good source of information for questions about progress toward your degree, and about ChE in general.

Drop-in advising is held over a two-week block, beginning two weeks before registration opens for the following semester. On the day you come for advising, you will stop by the ChE office (3307 Patrick F. Taylor Hall) where you will pick up your paperwork and be advised. There will always be at least one professor there to see you. You do not have to email a professor for an appointment time — you will simply see whichever professor is on call that day. After you are advised, your flag will be lifted before the first day of the registration cycle, which begins March 24 at 5 p.m. With 48 advising hours set over two weeks, you should not have any trouble seeing an advisor at a time that is convenient for you. Come by 3307 Patrick F. Taylor Hall to get your paperwork and get advised one day between March 11 and March 21. If you wait to be advised many of the courses you want may be full.

Advising hours will be made available prior to the two-week drop-in advising window.

Changing Majors/Minors

If your current major is not a good fit, it is understandable that you may want to change it. This page contains various resources to assist with the process. The ChE transfer advisor is Prof. Adam Melvin.

How to Change Your Major

    • Prospective Student (Before Classes are Scheduled)
      • Can change on myLSU (my.lsu.edu > Student Services > Application Status)
      • Keep in mind that your intended major affects your small group during orientation (the earlier you change, the better)
    • Freshman
      • Consult with an advisor in UCFY or your senior college
      • You may need to complete paperwork in person
      • If you change your major early enough in the semester, you may be able to reschedule courses that apply to your new major. Your advisor may advise you to keep your current schedule or focus on General Education courses.
    • Upperclassman: Changing major within same senior college
      • Consult with an advisor in your senior college
      • You may need to complete paperwork in person
      • Depending on your GPA and courses taken, you may need to meet additional requirements for your new major (some majors within same college have different requirements)
    • Upperclassman: Changing major to different senior college
      • Meet with existing college first to discuss degree audit and exit process
      • Meet with desired college next to discuss change of major and senior college application process
      • Depending on your GPA and courses taken, you may need to meet additional requirements for your new senior college (this may extend the time it will take you to complete your degree)


First, see Student Services (located in 2228 Patrick F. Taylor Hall) to get a degree audit, flowchart, and form to bring to the faculty advisor in your desired department. Once the faculty member advises you, bring the signed form back to Student Services.

Students wishing to change colleges must do so after final grades for the current semester are posted and before the last day to add courses in the next semester for which they enroll. During this time period, see your counselor (in Student Services) to discuss the degree audit and exit process. Once your counselor advises you, meet with the faculty advisor in your desired department to discuss the change of major and senior college application process. Depending on your GPA and courses taken, you may need to meet additional requirements for your new senior college (this may extend the time it will take you to complete your degree).

You should contact your counselor by email or see the front counter in Student Services.



  • Counselors and advisors
  • Degree Audit
    • my.lsu.edu > Student Services > Degree Audit
    • Your degree audit can tell you what courses you have completed and what courses still need to be completed within your declared major.
  • General Catalog
    • catalog.lsu.edu
    • The General Catalog can tell you what courses are required for each major. In most cases, you will use the version of the catalog from the year you entered LSU. Consult with an advisor for questions.
  • Notes about Changing Your Major
    • Changing your major could affect your eligibility for your residential college, major-specific scholarships, or Academic Common Market.
    • Changing your major later in your college career may affect the length of time it will take you to complete your degree.

Senior Check-out

The university has a check-out procedure designed to ensure that seniors meet their graduation requirements. You must complete the check-out process before you can register for the semester in which you anticipate graduation. The process consists of three steps:

    1. In order to identify yourself as a degree candidate, use myLSU to set your anticipated date of graduation. You are encouraged to verify your anticipated date of graduation while registering for courses each semester. If, after registration, you realize that you will be eligible for graduation, you can identify yourself as a degree candidate through Student Services.
    2. Prior to the semester in which you are scheduled to graduate, a degree audit is sent to your department to certify which graduation requirements have been met and which ones are remaining. Before registering, you must meet with the senior check-out advisor (Barry Guillory). During this meeting you and Mr. Guillory will review and sign your degree audit, then you will complete an Application for Degree form. Your degree audit will be sent to the Office of Student Services for final review by a counselor. You will receive a confirmation email from a counselor with the subject line “Check-out Complete” or “Check-out Not Complete.” If check-out is complete, you may proceed with scheduling as usual. If check-out is not complete, your email will include further instructions.
    3. The LSU College of Engineering now requires that all students complete a survey during their graduating semester. The EBI Survey is useful for short- and long-term planning by both the College of Engineering and LSU. The survey supports comparing our curricula with other engineering, computer science, and construction management programs across the country. Students are sent an email with a link to the survey and a deadline for its completion.

Helpful Tips

Get to know your classmates and the ChE students a year ahead of you. They know the ropes and can help answer your questions. Join the LSU student chapter of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE), which is the major professional organization for chemical engineers. It will help you get to know fellow students and your profession. Register at career services and keep your resume updated so you are ready to interview for co-op and intern positions when the time comes.