In order to complete a degree, students must meet all requirements to enter into the College of Engineering. The degree requires 120 units including core courses, math courses, and electives. The following is meant to serve as a summary of required coursework. To learn more about the degree requirements, please visit the General Catalog or look through the course flowcharts.

Core Requirements

Course Number Course Description Credits
CSC 1350 Computer Science I for Majors 4
CSC 1351 Computer Science II for Majors 4
CSC 2259 Discrete Structures 3
CSC 2262 Numerical Methods 3
CSC 3102 Advanced Data Structures & Algorithmic Analysis 3
CSC 3200 Ethics in Computing 1
CSC 3380 Object Oriented Design 3
CSC 3501 Comp Organization & Design 3
CSC 4101 Programming Languages 3
CSC 4103 Operating Systems 3
CSC 4330 Software Systems 3

In addition to the above core requirements, students must complete a 3 credits of a 2000-level computer science course and 3 credits of a 3000-level computer science course.

Technical Requirements

Students must complete a total of 6 credits of approved technical electives. At least one 3-credit elective must be from Group A while the other credits may come from either group.

GROUP A: 2000-level and above only chosen from CSC, BE, CHE, CE, CM, EE, ENGR, EVEG, IE, ME, PETE, EMS, ENVS, OCS, MATH, ECON, FIN, ASTR, BIOL, CHEM, GEOG, GEOL, PHYS, ISDS 3100, ISDS 3105, ISDS 3120 , ISDS 4+++.

GROUP B: ART 2050, ART 2055, ART 2210, ART 2220, ART 2230, ART 2551, ART 4020, ART 4050, ART 4055, ART 4230 ,ART 4240, ART 4290, ART 4550, ART 4059, ART 4560, ART 7250 ART 7255, ARTH 4480, ARTH 4482, ARTH 4484, MC 2035, MC 3031, MC 4002, MC 4015, MC 4260, MC 4550, MC 4600, MC 4720, MUS 2745, MC 4260, MC 4550, MC 4600, MC 4720, MUS 2745, MUS 4744, MUS 4745, MUS 4746, MUS 4748, ENGL 2009, ENGL 2231, ENGL 4000, ENGL 4009, ENGL 7109.


Math Requirements

Course Number Course Description Credits

MATH 1550 /

MATH 1551

Analytic Geometry & Calculus I / 

Analytic Geometry & Calculus I (Honors )

MATH 1552 Analytic Geometry & Calculus II 5
MATH 2090 Elementary Differential Equations and Linear Algebra 4
IE 3302 Engineering Statistics 3

Other Requirements

ENGL 1001 - English Composition - 3 credits

ENGL 2000 - English Composition - 3 credits

General Education/Humanities - 9 credits*

General Education/Social Science I & II - 6 credits**

General Education/Art - 3 credits

BIOL 1001 General Biology - 3 credits or BIOL 1201 Biology for Science Majors I - 3 credits

In addition to the above requirements, a total of three natural science courses and two corresponding lab courses must be taken. One science course must be either BIOL 1001 (General Biology I) or BIOL 1201 (Biology for Science Majors I), as listed above. A sequence of two science courses and their corresponding lab courses are also required. This sequence must be from a choice of physics, chemistry, astronomy, or geology (e.g., you can take Physics I and Physics I Lab one semester, then take Physics II and Physics II Lab another semester; you can take Chemistry I and Chemistry I Lab one semester, then take Chemistry II and Chemistry II Lab another semester; etc.) Please note that sequences or courses in geography or physical science will NOT count towards the science requirement.

*One three-credit course must be either English (other than 1001 or 2000) or an honors course. One three-credit course must be a Communications Studies course. The last three-credit course can be any general education humanities course.