Staff Biography

Lab Director Theda Daniels-RaceLab Director

Dr. Theda Daniels-Race 

Dr. Theda Daniels-Race's work has involved a wide range of research in the area of compound semiconductor electronics. From electronic materials growth, using molecular beam epitaxy (MBE), to sub-micron device fabrication, to that of her current work in nanostructure characterization via atomic force microscopy (AFM) and fluorescence, Dr. Daniels-Race and students explore nanoscale phenomena for next-generation device development. A Professor of ECE, she is also a faculty member of LSU's Center for Computation and Technology (CCT).

EMDL Lab manager Chris O'Loughlin

Lab Manager

Chris O’Loughlin

Chris O'loughlin has been the EMDL lab manager since 2012. His research focus is in fabrication methods for MEMS, Semiconductor, Photovoltaic and fluidic devices. He has a decade of experience in process development, research, lab equipment maintenance, lab safety and semiconductor tool development. He is eager to train and assist LSU researchers in the EMDL. In addition to managing the EMDL, Chris manages the LSU PCB lab located in PFT 2272.

Assistant Manager Glenn Shin

Assistant Manager

Glenn (Young) Shin 

Glenn (Young) Shin has been a PhD student in the Department of Electrical Engineering and the EMDL assistant manager since 2020. He has three years of working experience in the industry as an LED packaging engineer before joining his PhD program. His research focus is in photolithography, microfluidics, and development of portable fluorescence detection platform. He has experience in microfabrication process development/optimization, lab safety, lab organization, equipment maintenance, and repair.