Coursework and Courses

Mechanical Engineering Graduate Student Handbook

A petition to waive any of the requirements in this section requires approval of the graduate faculty through your Advisory Committee and the ME Graduate Program Director. Equivalency of courses offered as substitutes will be determined by the last faculty member to teach the required course.

Transfer to the thesis option may be done at any time. However, all of the requirements of that degree program must be met. This includes the appointment of a new advisory committee and possibly a new major professor, the formulation of a new plan of study, and the identification of a research area from which a thesis can be produced. Courses taken in the non-thesis program may be applied to the thesis program only at the discretion of the new advisory committee. 

Course Requirements

Declare a primary specialization in one of the following areas: Thermal Sciences, Mechanical Systems, or Materials Science and Engineering.

Take a minimum of 3 core courses within your primary area of specialization. The list of approved core courses are the following:

Thermal Sciences

ME 4353 Advanced Engineering Thermodynamics

ME 7313 Advanced Fluid Dynamics I

ME 7323 Advanced Fluid Dynamics II

ME 7333 Hydrodynamic Stability

ME 7343 Computation of Fluid Flow & Heat Transfer

ME 7433 Heat Transfer I

ME 7443 Heat Transfer II

Mechanical Systems

ME 4273 Stress Analysis in ME

ME 4143 Vibration

ME 7153 Advanced Vibrations

ME 7163 Advanced Dynamics

ME 7273 Advanced Stress Analysis in ME

ME 7633 Advanced Engineering System Dynamics

ME 7673 Advanced Mechanical Systems Control

Materials Science and Engineering

ME 4723 Advanced Methods of Material Characterization

ME 4733 Deformation and Fracture of Engineering Materials

ME 7723 Electron Beam Characterization of Materials (TEM course)

ME 7743 Defects, Diffusion, & Transformation in Solids*

ME 7753 Thermodynamics of Solid Materials*

* Required for all Materials Majors

Take 1 course from the following list:


MATH 4038 Mathematical Methods in Engineering

MATH 4340 Partial Differential Equations

MATH 4036 Complex Variables

ME 7533 Numerical Methods in Applied Mechanics

Other course requirements include:

  • Take a minimum of three core courses within your primary area of specialization
  • Take one core course from one of the other two ME specialization areas outside your primary area
  • Take a minimum of five ME courses
  • Take a minimum of twelve (12) credit hours of course work at the 7000 level (4 courses)
  • Register for ME 7901 (ME Graduate Seminar); required to register and attend every semester (excluding summers).