Development Team

The Development team partners the LSU Foundation and the College of Engineering to further meaningful relationships with alumni and friends. The college’s success is best reflected through the accomplishments of these supporters. We aim to develop mutually beneficial relationships that create service, advocacy, and philanthropy between our donors and the college.

Jordan Jopling headshot

Jordan Jopling
Sr. Director of Development
(225) 578-3456

Maddie Brown headshot

Maddie Brown
Director of Development
(225) 578-7820

Development Liaison for the Division of Computer Science and Engineering

Jon Carr headshot

Jon Carr
Director of Development
(225) 578-8738

Development Liaison for the Bert S. Turner Department of Construction Management and the Division of Electrical & Computer Engineering

Dainyelle Chopin

Dainyelle Chopin
Associate Director of Development Services
(225) 413-7489

headshot of Chris Marshall

Chris Marshall
Director of Development
(225) 578-4986

Development Liaison for the Craft & Hawkins Department of Petroleum Engineering and the Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering

headshot of Lee Ann Stenvick

Lee Ann Stenvick
Director of Development
(225) 578-2674