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Mother and daughter posing togetherLSU has experienced historic growth in the size of its engineering student population over the last decade. Scholarship funding allows the College of Engineering to successfully recruit greater numbers of top-performing high school students, many of whom choose other universities for financial reasons even though LSU may be their first choice. For some, higher education may be out of financial reach and may come with additional challenges. Your gifts to support student success make robust recruitment scholarships available. Through these funds, we sharpen our competitive edge in the education marketplace, broaden participation across engineering disciplines, and ensure the strength of tomorrow’s workforce.


Two students with safety glasses on in a labSolving Louisiana’s great challenges through advances in engineering requires a significant investment in both research and teaching. The College of Engineering’s state-of-the-art laboratories allow faculty to conduct innovative research that often results in significant returns on investment for LSU and Louisiana. Additionally, our numerous teaching laboratories provide spaces for our undergraduate students to gain hands-on experience that has real-world applications. Maintaining and enhancing these critical laboratory facilities requires robust funding for equipment, materials, technology, faculty and staff resources, and students to serve as research and teaching assistants.


Man showing students something on a screenTo provide LSU College of Engineering students with the best education possible, the college must always be working to attract and retain highly qualified faculty for our laboratories and classrooms. Competing successfully for the best faculty talent, however, requires that the college be able to provide new faculty with crucial start-up funds, which enable them to launch their research and academic endeavors fully outfitted with cutting-edge lab spaces, equipment, and other requisite materials, as well as student research assistants. The ability to offer these resources is critical to attracting the highly qualified candidates whose efforts as faculty members will help launch the careers of hundreds of LSU engineers and yield research that will benefit LSU, Louisiana, and the world.


Outside view of Patrick F Taylor HallUnique naming opportunities exist for philanthropists with the capacity and desire to strengthen the College of Engineering for generations. Substantial endowed funds may be established, for instance, to name departments, department chair positions, and even the College of Engineering itself. The income provided by such endowments will become the working capital for the College of Engineering and its departments, allowing the dean and faculty leadership to continually invest in high-valued outcomes. Your gift will establish a new philanthropic legacy that strengthens the college for generations to come.


The video arch in Patrick F Taylor hall

Engineering Excellence Fund - Gifts provide discretionary funding for the dean to use for priority needs.

Engineering Scholarship Fund - Gifts provide flexible scholarship funding for engineering student success.

Departmental Excellence Fund - Gifts provide discretionary funding for the department chair to use for priority needs.

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