Why Choose LSU Entomology Department for Graduate School


The entomology department conducts cutting edge research in the areas of integrated pest management, vector ecology, urban entomology, taxonomy and systematics, agricultural entomology, applied entomology, pollination ecology, and molecular biology.

Strong Collaborations

The department works with collaborators throughout the United States, as well as with countries around the world.   Louisiana is an ideal location to study many insect species, due to climate and the diversity of geographic landscapes throughout Louisiana.

Organization for Tropical Studies

The LSU entomology department is a member of the organization for tropical studies, and provides courses in Costa Rica on insect diversity.

Fun Environment

Graduate students within the department are part of the graduate student association, which holds annual events, such as the Chili Cook-off, and the Crawfish Boil.

Active in National Organizations

Entomology graduate students participate annually in the ESA Games and Debate teams.  They also participate in ESA committees, and are successful in ESA poster and presentation competitions.

Course Diversity

Along with core courses in Entomology, graduate students can select from a variety of interesting entomology courses, such as Molecular Biology for Entomologists, Advanced IPM, Medical and Veterinary Entomology, Insect Epidemiology, Aquatic Entomology, Toxicology, and Population Ecology.  Faculty are also willing and excited to teach new and interesting special topics courses requested by students.

Cutting Edge Resources

Many of our graduate students use cutting edge resources (especially those pertaining to molecular biology and bio-informatics, as well as ways in assessing the impacts of climate change)  in their research.  As a major university, students can also utilize resources within other collaborating departments and organizations.

Successful Resources

Graduate students in the entomology department are well trained during their education at LSU.  Students not only learn the fundamentals of entomology, but are trained in advanced hands on and applied research.  Graduate students at LSU are typically very successful in the job market.   Recent graduate students include those holding University faculty positions, industry jobs, as well as those working for national organizations, such as the USDA.


One of the exciting things about LSU is the surrounding culture.  There is always something exciting to do and explore in Louisiana.   From Mardi Gras parades to LSU football, you'll find that Baton Rouge is an exciting place to live.  In addition, the food and music in Louisiana is some of the best you'll find in the country.

We're More than Just Classes

During your time here, you will have so many opportunities in front of you, the hard part will be deciding which directions to chose.  From the social experience and involvement in social media, to the cutting edge research, you'll be happy to have chosen the LSU Entomology department as your family for the next stage of your life.


Application for admission is through the LSU Graduate School.

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