Mike stout looking at an insect trap

Michael J. Stout
Professor and Department Head
Specialization: Host-Plant Resistance, Forage Crops Insect Pest Management
Phone: 225-578-1837
Email: mstout@agcenter.lsu.edu 

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Aaron Ashbrook

Aaron Ashbrook 
Assistant Professor
Specialization: Arthropod Pests of Urban and Peri-urban Entomology
Phone: 269-369-8436
Email: aashbrook@agcenter.lsu.edu

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Jeff Davis in the field

Jeffrey A. Davis
Specialization: Soybean IPM
Phone: 225-578-5618
Email: jeffdavis@agcenter.lsu.edu 

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Rodrigo Diaz and ash tree


Rodrigo Diaz
Associate Professor
Specialization: Invasive Species Ecology and Biology Control
Phone: 225-578-1835
Email: rdiaz@agcenter.lsu.edu

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Lane foil

Lane D. Foil
Pennington Chair for Wildlife Epidemiology
Specialization: Veterinary Insects
Phone: 225-578-1825
Email: lfoil@agcenter.lsu.edu 

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Kristen Healy

Kristen Healy
Associate Professor
Specialization:  Medical Entomology and Public Health Entomology
Phone:  225-578-7386
Email: KHealy@agcenter.lsu.edu 

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Fangeng Huang

Fangneng Huang
L.D. Newsom Professor of IPM
Specialization: Grain Crop Pest Management
Phone:  225-578-0111
Email: fhuang@agcenter.lsu.edu 

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Claudia Husseneder in the lab

Claudia Husseneder
Paul K. Adams Professor of Urban Entomology
Specialization: Population Genetics and Molecular Biology of Insects and Symbionts
Phone:  225-578-1819
Email: chusseneder@agcenter.lsu.edu 

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Nathan lordNathan Lord

Assistant Professor
Specialization: Insect Systematics and Taxonomy Professor
Phone: 225-578-0425
Email: nlord@agcenter.lsu.edu

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James Ottea

James Ottea
John Benjamin Holton Alumni Professor
Specialization: Insecticide Toxicology
Phone: 225-578-1841
Email: jottea@agcenter.lsu.edu 

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Gene Reagan

T. E. Reagan
Austin C. Thompson Professor of Entomology
Specialization:Ecology and Pest Management of Sugarcane Insects
Phone:  225-578-1824
Email: treagan@agcenter.lsu.edu 

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Karen Sun

Qian "Karen" Sun
Assistant Professor
Specialization: Urban Entomology
Phone: 225-578-1831
Email: qsun@agcenter.lsu.edu 

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Daniel Swale

Daniel Swale
Associate Professor
Specialization: Insect Physiology
Phone: 225-578-1634
Email: DSwale@agcenter.lsu.edu 

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James Villegas

James Villegas
Assistant Professor
Specialization: Field Crops IPM
Phone: 225-578-1634
Email: JVillegas@agcenter.lsu.edu

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Blake Wilson

Blake Wilson
Assistant Professor
Specialization: Sugarcane/Rice entomology 
Phone: 985-373-6193
Email: bwilson@agcenter.lsu.edu

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Recently Retired and Emeritus Faculty

Gregg Henderson
Paul K. Adams Professor of Urban Entomology
Specialization: Urban Entomology/Formosan subterranean termite page
Phone:   225-578-1831
Email:  grhenderson@agcenter.lsu.edu



Seth Johnson
Professor Emeritus
Specialization:Biological Control and Moth Migration
Phone:  225-578-1826
Email:  sjohnson@agcenter.lsu.edu 


Timothy D.Schowalter
Professor Emeritus
Specialization: Insect Ecology and Forest Entomology
Phone: 225-578-1628
Email: tschowalter@agcenter.lsu.edu

Abner Hammond
Professor Emeritus
Entomology Department
Email: ahammond@agcenter.lsu.edu 
564 Life Sciences Bldg.
Baton Rouge, LA 70803

Christopher E. Carlton
John Benjamin Holton Alumni Association Departmental Professor of Agriculture
Specialization:Systematics, Taxonomy and Morphology
Phone: 225-578-0425
Email:  ccarlt@lsu.edu 
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Adjunct Faculty

Robert Danka 
Adjunct Professor, Research Entomologist
Specialization: USDA Honey Bee Breeding, Genetics, and Physiology Laboratory
Email: rdanka@ars.usda.gov

Veronica Manrique
Assistant Professor, Urban Forestry/Entomology & Plant Pathology
Fisher Hall RM 102D
Phone: 225-771-6224
Email: Veronica.manrique@subr.edu

Frank Rinkevich
Adjunct Professor, Research Entomologist
Specialization:USDA Honey Bee Breeding, Genetics, and Physiology Laboratory
Phone: 225-767-9291
Email: Frank.rinkevich@ars.usda.gov



Allan Showler
Specialization:Integrated Farming and Natural Resources Research
Phone: 956-969-4882
Email: allan.showler@ars.usda.gov

Mike Simone-Finstrom
Research Entomologist
USDA Honey Bee Breeding, Genetics, and Physiology Laboratory
Phone:  225-767-9280
Email: Michael.SimoneFinstrom@ARS.USDA.GOV

Tara Smith
Sweet Potato Research Station
Specialization:Sweet Potato Integrated Pest Management
Phone:   318-435-2155
Email:  TSmith@agcenter.lsu.edu


Brian Sullivan
US Forest Service Southern Research Station
Specialization:Insects, Diseases, and Invasive Plants
Phone:   318-473-7206
Email: briansullivan@fs.fed.us


W. Kelly Thomas
Professor, Molecular, Cellular, and Biomedical Sciences
Gregg Hall, Rm 409
Phone: 603-862-2470
Email: Kelly.Thomas@unh.edu

Ted Wilson
Texas Agrilife Beaumont Research Station
Specialization: Agroecosystem Management
Phone: 409-752-3045
Email: lt-wilson@aesrg.tamu.edu

Mo Way
Texas Agrilife Beaumont Research Station
Phone: 409-752-2741 Ext. 2231
Email: moway@aesrg.tamu.edu