Molecular Biology and Population Genetics


Molecular techniques have become a standard tool in most entomological disciplines. Our faculty are using current molecular biology techniques to understand biological, molecular, and physiological differences between insect populations. 

Relevant Courses

  • ENTM 4015 - Conservation Biology (cross listed w PLHL)
  • ENTM 4016 - Insect Physiology
  • ENTM 7001 - General Entomology
  • ENTM 7008 - Special Topics in Entomology
  • ENTM 7015 - Insect Pathology and Biological Control
  • ENTM 7080 - Population Ecology
  • ENTM 7946 - Seminar in Molecular Evolution
  • BIOL   7010 - Plant Molecular Biology
  • BIOL   7110 - Molecular Evolution
  • BIOL   7253 - Molecular Population Genetics


Chris Carlton
Systematics, taxonomy, and morphology

Jeff Davis
Insect vectors of plant pathogens

Lane Foil
Veterinary entomology

Claudia Husseneder
Population Genetics and Molecular Biology

Nathan Lord 
Insect systematics, insect identifier 

Qian Sun 
Urban entomology, termites, ants 

Daniel Swale  
Insect physiology, mosquitoes, ticks, bees