Urban Entomology


The Department has been a leader in addressing Urban Entomology. The Department was among the first to develop programs on structural pest management and forensic entomology. Major efforts within this program area include the 20 years of monitoring Formosan subterranean termite populations in New Orleans, the 10-year old termite control project in the French Quarter of New Orleans (coordinated by the Department, in cooperation with the USDA-ARS Southern Region Research and New Orleans Mosquito and Termite Control Board), patents on various termite control methods, including the pop-up bait system, identification of novel plant-derived termite repellents, identification of molecular markers of termite colony identity for assessment of control efficacy, evaluation and development of improved baiting systems for red imported fire ant and other nuisance ants, continuing application of forensic entomology to law enforcement programs, and evaluation of mosquito repellents and control programs focused in urban areas.

Relevant Courses

  • ENTM 4001 - Household and Structural Entomology
  • ENTM 4002 - Insect Biology
  • ENTM 4007 - Forensic Entomology
  • ENTM 4016 - Introduction to Insect Physiology
  • ENTM 4100 - Insect Behavior
  • ENTM 7001 - General Entomology
  • ENTM 7006 - Advanced IPM
  • ENTM 7008 - Special Topics in Entomology
  • ENTM 7015 - Insect Pathology and Biological Control
  • ENTM 7017 - Introduction to Insecticide Toxicology
  • ENTM 7080 - Population Ecology (cross listed w BIOL)


Kristen Healy
Public Health Entomology

Claudia Husseneder
Population genetics and Molecular biology of insects and symbionts

James Ottea
Insecticide toxicology

Qian Sun
Urban entomology, termites, ants

Daniel Swale 
Insect Physiology, mosquitoes, ticks, bees