Education for Schools & Groups

We do not offer tours of our lab. The FACES Laboratory is a working forensic lab. We must maintain the security and confidentiality of our active forensic cases. Therefore, we are no longer able to invite members of the public into our facilities. We do not offer any opportunities for job shadowing, however, any of our staff may be available for interviews at their discretion. 

We do offer presentations and lectures about forensic anthropology for schools, libraries, civic groups, etc. 

  • Each presentation is a general overview of forensic anthropology and the FACES Laboratory. 
  • We offer two different presentations: a more basic presentation with a focus on the skeleton for younger children and a more detailed presentation for older children and adults. 
  • Presentations last between 45 and 60 minutes 
  • You can schedule a presentation to take place in a classroom on the LSU campus or we can travel to nearby schools, libraries, and other locations. 

Schedule a Presentation

No presentations will be scheduled for Spring 2024.

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Getting on Campus

Law Enforcement Agents, Coroner's Offices, and Funeral Directors -  Call 225.578.4761 

All other individuals and groups - Contact Parking Services for parking instructions