FACES Laboratory

The LSU Forensic Anthropology and Computer Enhancement Services (FACES) Laboratory provides forensic anthropology and forensic imaging services to agencies within Louisiana.

The Department of Geography and Anthropology has been offering forensic anthropology services since the late 1970's, however, a formal laboratory was not created until the 1990's. Our founder, Mary Manhein, established the FACES Lab in cooperation with Louisiana State University and the State of Louisiana in order to offer expanded services to law enforcement and Coroner's offices. 


Resources for Law Enforcement

The LSU FACES Laboratory provides various services to law enforcement agencies and Coroner's offices across the state of Louisiana. All services are free.

students working in the field

Resources for Students

The Department of Geography and Anthropology offers degrees in Anthropology. The LSU FACES Laboratory offers courses, research assistance, and volunteer opportunities in Forensic Anthropology.

facial reconstruction busts

Imaging at FACES

Our Imaging section offers facial approximations of unidentified persons and image enhancement for law enforcement agencies.