Todd Monroe

W. Todd Monroe, Ph.D., P.E.

Mr. & Mrs. C.W. Armstrong Associate Professor
Biological and Agricultural Engineering
Louisiana State University

Our Biophotonics and BioMEMS Laboratory is interested in application of bioengineering principles at the molecular and cellular level. Research thrusts include the design and control of nucleic acid bioactivities through the use of light-sensitive "cage" chemistries that render target molecules inactive until exposed to near-UV light. Our group, along with collaborators in Chemistry, Biological Sciences, and Engineering is utilizing these technologies to control the spatial and temporal activity of hybridization, gene expression and silencing, and nucleic acid probe design for application in gene targeting and biosensing. Related projects include functionalization of nanoparticles and characterization of cellular metabolic activities in microfluidic environments for diagnostic applications. Additional collaborative research projects involve biomechanical device and medical implant design that mirror classroom experiences for Biological Engineering undergraduate and graduate students.

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